UNITEL HR Solutions

UNITEL Has the Answers When You Have HR Questions

When you need answers to tough human resource questions, who can you trust? Your attorney? Colleagues? The web? These options either cost too much or leave you with incomplete answers in a constantly changing environment.

INCOMPAS members can now get the HR information they need, when they need them, through UNITEL HR Solutions a revolutionary HR advisory service offered by UNITEL Insurance. The expanding partnership between INCOMPAS and UNITEL will help association members navigate the constantly changing health care environment, including new Affordable Care Act requirements, as well as hundreds of complex employment law issues that businesses face with regard to hiring, termination, discrimination, pay and classification, time off/FMLA continuation, COBRA, employee relations and employee safety.

UNITEL HR Solutions is comprised of three main components:

  • HR Hotline – Calls answered live by senior level, experienced HR professionals with PHR and SPHR certification, as well as national and state-level expertise. Written summaries are provided with links to resources and email support is offered as an alternative to live telephone support team.
  • HR Library – Access to thousands of online tools, forms, templates and compliance guides for state and Federal employment law.
  • HR Training – Unlimited access to more than 200 courses through which subscribers can train employees and management. These professional, online courses were developed by the training experts, Business & Legal Resources (BLR). With this training, users can track and receive reports on progress, and provide certificates of completion.

In addition to these core components, UNITEL HR Solutions package includes HRIC-approved webinars, whitepapers and state/Federal compliance alerts.

"I was very happy with my experience with UNITEL HR Solutions. When I wanted a second opinion on an HR issue, I called their hotline where my call was answered quickly (no phone tree) by a professional who provided sound advice on the matter. I fully intend on using them for my future HR needs."
                              Allison Miller, Director of Finance & Administration, Lightspeed Networks, Inc.

UNITEL is the largest communications agency in the U.S. and has been directly active in the communications business sector for over 10 years.  UNITEL’s team has more than 100 years of combined experience in technology and communications insurance and risk management.  Although traditional insurance markets are most commonly used, UNITEL is able to provide a number of risk management techniques to any insurance problem in order to achieve adequate coverage at an affordable price.

Currently UNITEL writes an ancillary benefits insurance program dedicated to communication companies looking to provide employee benefit options at a very competitive price.  UNITEL also has other insurance products including, Technology Errors and Omissions, Property and Casualty, and Bonds.  Included Business types are traditional telephone companies or incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), broadband companies and Internet service providers (ISP) as well as some of the newer entrants into the communications industry, such as middle mile providers.

This material provides general information about products and services offered by Principal Life Insurance Company.  This is not a complete statement of benefits, exclusions and limitations of the insurance described here.

Mike Reed
UNITEL Insurance
800-755-0048 ext. 7248
"UNITEL HR Solutions has been a valuable resource for us. We have been very impressed with the professionalism and expertise their certified professionals have displayed. This is an exceptional service that can help companies stay compliant and save time and money by having HR support available when they need it. I highly recommend you check out UNITEL HR Solutions."
-- Deb Ward