Thermo Credit, LLC
HQ: New Oreleans, Louisiana

Q: Please tell us about your company history.
When was it founded? How has the company evolved since its founding?Have your services changed? Are there key milestones in your company’s history and growth that you can highlight?

Thermo Credit is a privately held funding company that provides asset based loans and factoring services primarily to the technology
and communications industries. With over 100 years of combined experience, Thermo Credit targets established companies in every
segment of the technology and communications markets including Long Distance, VoIP, Triple Play, Wholesale, Wireless, ISPs, CLECs
and Content Providers.

Q: Please tell us about company’s top executives and the work that they are doing in our industry.
James Lynch

Mr. Lynch is a founding member and board member of Thermo Credit, LLC. Prior to joining Thermo Credit, Mr. Lynch worked 13 years in investment banking for Kidder, Peabody & Co., PaineWebber and, most recently, as a managing director for Bear Stearns. He has worked primarily with industrial and energy companies. He has financed and advised over $15 billion dollars of transactions with industrial growth companies such as Delphi Corporation, Lear Corporation and Georgia Pacific, as well as private equity firms such as Blackstone, KKR and Vester. Mr. Lynch earned a B.A. degree from Amherst College and received his M.B.A. from Yale University.

Seth Block
Executive Vice-President

Mr. Block is a founding member and board member of Thermo Credit, LLC with over 30 years experience in the management and development of service based companies. At Thermo Credit, Mr. Block has led a team that has funded over 150 companies almost exclusively in the telecommunications industry, either through asset based loans, accounts receivable lines or factoring. Prior to Thermo Credit, Mr. Block helped co-found Smoke Signal Communications where he served as CFO for two years and Senior Vice-President for five years. His duties as Senior Vice President included corporate development, regulatory affairs and RBOC Relations. At the time Mr. Block left Smoke Signal, it was one of the largest pre-paid CLEC’s in the country. Mr. Block has spent a considerable amount of time consulting in the telecom arena, helping companies with everything from regulatory compliance to financial management.
In addition to being involved in the start up of several Texas-based companies, Mr. Block also spent five years as a senior level Accounting Manager where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions with Service Corporation International, one of the largest funeral home holding companies in the world. Mr. Block earned a B.S. degree in Accounting from Southwest Texas State University and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

Kris Scairono

Kris Scairono joined Thermo Credit, LLC in 2005 and was named Vice President of Internal Operations in 2007. Mr. Scairono manages the Collateral Analyst staff, serves as the company Controller, and works extensively in the credit underwriting and due diligence process. Prior to joining Thermo Credit, Mr. Scairono worked in internal audit and commercial finance with Capital One Bank. Mr. Scairono earned a B.S. degree from Louisiana State University and received his M.B.A. from the University of New Orleans. Mr. Scairono is a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

Q: Explain your geographic reach. Where do you provide services?
Thermo Credit provides financing to companies with North American based assets.

Q: What types of services do you offer your customers?
We structure a funding program secured by receivables, contracts, equipment and inventory—a good option for companies that have many assets or large contracts.
We purchase your invoices at a discount, allowing your additional working capital to then be used for business expansion, acquisition or other growth.
Other Funding
We offer a wide variety of funding options to established companies in every segment of the technology and communications industries.
Q: What is your target customer base? Please include names of prominent customers and case study details.
Thermo Credit specializes in the communications and technology industries and serves established, well-run companies that need capital to expand their business, improve operations or fund an acquisition.  
Thermo Credit has following criteria:
- North American-based assets
- EBITDA positive now or near term
Q: What are the biggest challenges that your company faces and how is your company overcoming these challenges?
Many are unfamiliar with alternative financing options and Thermo Credit faces the challenge of conveying the value proposition of the services provided. Thermo Credit’s team has extensive technology and communications experience and therefore an insight and understanding of the unique challenges. Thermo works with each prospect to gain an understanding of their goals, find the right financial solution to their business’s needs and educate them on their financing opportunities.

Q: What are your competitive opportunities and threats?
A competitive challenge for Thermo Credit is going up against companies that offer merchant cash advances. These companies are able to gain business by offering 'quick funding', but the customer pays a very steep price for it that may not be the best solution for the business goals.

Q: How is technology/new products and services impacting your business model?
The constantly changing technological landscape creates both challenges and opportunities. Thermo Credit’s extensive industry experience allows us to understand how companies’ models evolve and change and funding programs are adjusted accordingly.

Q: Have you recently acquired new customers? Entered new markets? Added new services/products?
In addition to our core financial services, Thermo Credit offers the following through our extensive network of financial partners:
- Purchase order financing
- Inventory financing
- Equipment loans
Q: Describe your relationship with INCOMPAS. How long have you been a member. Why did you decide to join the association? What are you looking to gain from your INCOMPAS membership (policy advocacy, new business, networking, education, etc)? 
Thermo Credit has been a member for over 12 years. We look for networking opportunities that ultimately lead to new business relationships.