Technologies Management

As seen in the May 19, 2014 COMPTEL Connection

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2600 Maitland Center Parkway, Suite 300,
Maitland, FL 32751





Q: What does your company do and how long has it been in operation?
Since 1986, Technologies Management Inc. has been helping companies identify and comply with state and federal regulations. We help them enter new markets efficiently, maintain good standing and avoid costly mistakes.

Q: To what do you attribute your company’s success in the communications industry?
A: We are acutely aware that all major business decisions have regulatory implications. Our focus is on those solutions that answer our clients’ challenges by providing them with quality, scalable resources to help address their regulatory requirements cost effectively. That means we constantly evaluate methods and best practices to provide our support services as efficiently as possible. For example, we automate and systematize processes at every opportunity to add value and keep costs down. This conscientious view of our clients’ bottom line has helped us weather the ups and downs in the communications industry.

Q: What have been the biggest obstacles your company has faced in the marketplace?
Since TMI is in the problem-solving business, most obstacles in the marketplace are opportunities for us. The economic downturn and market consolidation have been hard on our clients, so helping them stay profitable is more important than ever.

Q: What do you see as your greatest challenges going forward?
A: As deregulation rolls through the communications industry like a wave, we are adapting our skills and talents to the needs of our clients in the new environment. For example, reporting and mapping are requiring more new resources than telecommunications tariffs.  Like most companies, we will need to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills. In the coming economic expansion, our clients will experience pressures to expand personnel resources, but need to resist burdening themselves with unnecessary overhead.  TMI is adding personnel slowly as the economy expands to address these needs, while keeping our own ship tight by continuously improving automation and support systems to keep our costs – and client fees – as low as possible.

Q: What have been some of your company’s most recent achievements (new customer wins, new service/product deployment, etc.)?
We have several new and very interesting products and projects. Most of our products are developed in collaboration with our clients to address specific needs. One of our newest additions is a great example. We have created a rates database that houses all the major ILECs’ predominant rate elements with current and historical rates.  At the request of a client, we modified the database to also house their rate information in a proprietary segment. This is a powerful tool for competitive analysis, revenue planning and cost auditing.  We now offer this capability to other carriers.

Q: Why is it important for your company to be a COMPTEL member?
A: COMPTEL members are a cross section of our client base. When we understand their concerns, we understand our clients’ needs more fully. This helps us identify problems we can address.