ShareTracker LLC

ShareTracker, LLC
Headquarters: Columbia, Missouri

Q: Please tell us about your company history. When was it founded? How has the company evolved since its founding? Have your services changed? Are there key milestones in your company’s history and growth that you can highlight?
ShareTracker has evolved to become the largest Telecom market research company in the US.  Founded in 2002 under the names, ShareTracker/Broadband Consulting Group/Telephia, ShareTracker’s most recent acquisitions of GeoResults and Centris Marketing Science in 2015 have facilitated expansion to all Wireline, Wireless, Telephony companies with a full suite of market research services.  This includes support for both strategic initiatives like forecasting, market/flow share analysis, infrastructure planning, as well as tactical initiatives like data base appending, opportunity lists and competitive review. 

Q: Please tell us about company’s top executives and the work that they are doing in our industry.
Eric Fogle – President & CEO - Fogle served as founder and president of the Broadband Consulting Group that provided product and technology solutions to the broadband industry and, as CEO of BlueBird Network, created to carry out the building of rural fiber networks utilizing a federal broadband stimulus grant. In earlier work with Nielsen Mobile he served as vice president of product development and product leadership. Prior to this, he served as a director of broadband marketing with BellSouth Telecommunications, and various management roles within AT&T.
Jerome Baccelli – CTO - Formerly vice president of engineering at Nielsen, Baccelli also served in management and engineering roles with Nielsen Mobile, Telephia and Cisco. He started his engineering career at Orange, then Vodafone and Verizon Wireless. Most recently, Baccelli was chief technology officer of Broadband Consulting Group. Over his career, he has co-authored multiple patents, mixing network engineering and market research, and has been a speaker at nationwide telecom events such as CTIA.

Q: Explain your geographic reach. Where do you provide services?
While there are no current international clients, ShareTracker is constantly looking to expand reach to Telecoms who are in need of extending their marketing and strategy expertise.

Q: What types of services do you offer your customers?
Utilizing over 1 billion measurement points annually, our product portfolio has expanded to provide the most comprehensive set of aggregate share and record lists for Wireless/Wireline, Telephony/Broadband/Video, Business/Residential segments in the U.S..  We focus on 4 core product approaches that align to a common strategy wheel.  To answer the:

  • Why? -  to answer this business question, we offer wireline, wireless, and broadband MarketShare and FlowShare, covering most any geographic need. These services are available at the household or business view, including profile and segments of customers and switchers in terms of fiber deployment, movers, ethnicity, needs based segments, spend, other product usage, reasons for switching. 
  • What if? - to answer this question, we offer GIS and mapping products that leverage a vast array of infrastructure and boundary data to answer questions around network planning, opportunity modeling and competitive threats.
  • How? – by consolidating industry leading data sets, we are able to provide specific and actionable business and residential appends and data bases, allowing customers to be highly targeted and highly accurate in their sales & marketing efforts.
  • Consultation – every organization has unique opportunities and threats that drive their strategy.  For issues that are not “cookie cutter”, ShareTracker leverages the 1 billion data points, combined with an average of 22 years of telecom experience per employee, to solve the most complex and emerging opportunities.

Q: What is your target customer base? Please include names of prominent customers and case study details.
We are currently under non-disclosure for all customers and hold their experiences confidentially.  We would be glad to reach out to them directly and request release if needed. As a point of record, 9 out of 10 Households in the US are serviced by ShareTracker clients so our reach is far and wide across the Telecom spectrum.  

Q: What are the biggest challenges that your company faces and how is your company overcoming these challenges?
The challenges ShareTracker faces is mostly about managing opportunity.  There is such a hunger for “big data” solutions to real Telecom business problems, that prioritization and closeness to the customer are the highest priorities.  We view ourselves as extensions to organization’s marketing, planning and strategy departments, so operating with urgency and excellence is also of highest importance. 

Q: What are your competitive opportunities and threats?
Everybody has “big-data” solutions today, selling individual data sets individually to specific organizations within Telecom. ShareTracker partners with multiple data provides to provide the best “big-data” solution to multiple organizations.  Additionally, we have a significant amount of IP that provides some cover from competitors.

Q: How is technology/new products and services impacting your business model?
ShareTracker sits on the leading edge of new technology, looking for new insights in Telecom, whether it is in segmentation appending, new device share (i.e. IOT), or combining social network insights, to name a few. Innovation is a significant contributor to our business model and is evidenced by our recent acquisition of Centris. 

Q: Have you recently acquired new customers? Entered new markets? Added new services/products?
See “History” and “Product” questions.