Press Releases

April 24, 2018
INCOMPAS Files Petition in United States Court of Appeals to Stop FCC Net Neutrality Repeal

April 17, 2018
INCOMPAS Thanks FCC Commissioner Clyburn for Service, Celebrates Exalted Career

April 16, 2018
INCOMPAS Letter to Congress: Paid Prioritization Violates Net Neutrality, Allows ISPs to Profit off Congestion
March 30, 2018
INCOMPAS Expresses Support for Inmate Calling Technical Corrections Act

March 29, 2018
INCOMPAS: Streaming Movies are Oscar-Worthy and the Future

March 28, 2018
LOGIX Fiber Networks Joins INCOMPAS 

March 21, 2018
INCOMPAS Expresses Support for FCC’s 5G Order in Advance of Open Meeting

March 6, 2018
INCOMPAS Urges FCC to Bring Competition to Rural Health Care Program
February 28, 2018
INCOMPAS: Small Cell Deployment Reforms Will Help Launch 5G Networks of the Future

February 22, 2018
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Federal Register Publication of Net Neutrality Repeal

February 21, 2018
INCOMPAS FCC Lifeline Filing: Don’t Kick Competition Out of Reagan’s Lifeline Program

February 16, 2018
INCOMPAS Commends White House on Gail Slater Hire

February 9, 2018
INCOMPAS Statement on the Passing of Ray Baum

February 7, 2018
INCOMPAS to Host The 2018 INCOMPAS Show in Las Vegas
January 19, 2018
INCOMPAS Applauds “Dig Once” and “Climb Once” Bills that will Speed Broadband Deployment?

INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Broadband Deployment Report: Broadband Needs a Bullet Train to the Future

January 8, 2018
INCOMPAS on Trump Rural Broadband Executive Order: Competition in Broadband Deployment Means More Competitive American Businesses
December 13, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Vote to Kill Net Neutrality: The Fight Has Just Begun
December 13, 2017
INCOMPAS to FCC: CTO Email is a Potential Bombshell, Release the Redline Edits or Delay Net Neutrality Vote
November 29, 2017
INCOMPAS Blasts FCC Chairman for Attacking Twitter and Streaming Competition
November 21, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Plan to Kill Net Neutrality
November 20, 2017
INCOMPAS on Net Neutrality: Blocking Interconnection Is Blocking
November 15, 2017
INCOMPAS to FCC: Favoring Broadband Monopolies Won't Build New Networks
October 20, 2017
INCOMPAS Welcomes Introduction of the SPEED Act
October 16, 2017
Rep. Anna Eshoo Underscores Importance of Competition and Innovation at The INCOMPAS Show: Fall 2017
September 21, 2017
INCOMPAS to the FCC: Don't Slow Down the Internet
August 30, 2017
INCOMPAS: The FCC is Heading down a Dangerous, Anti-Consumer, Anti-Free Market Path on Net Neutrality
August 30, 2017
INCOMPAS and Internet Association Joint Statement On Net Neutrality Discussions
August 22, 2017
INCOMPAS: End Apartment Monopoly, Make Broadband Competition the Key to the Condo
August 16, 2017
INCOMPAS: Louisville Broadband Court Decision a Win for Competition and Consumers
August 7, 2017
Rep. Anna Eshoo to Deliver Sunday Keynote at The INCOMPAS Show: Fall 2017
August 4, 2017
INCOMPAS: Merger Info Necessary for Complete Net Neutrality Record
August 3, 2017
INCOMPAS Congratulates FCC Commissioners Rosenworcel and Carr
July 31, 2017
INCOMPAS Praises Court Decision on Pole Attachments as Broadband Deployment Victory
July 25, 2017
INCOMPAS Comments Urging FCC to Bring Broadband Competition to Apartments, Condos, Multiple Tenant Environments (MTEs)
July 24, 2017
INCOMPAS to Debut Single Annual Trade Show in Fall
July 20, 2017
New OpEd on Deployment Agenda in Skinny Wire
July 18, 2017
WATCH: CEO Chip Pickering on Newsmax TV Discussing Net Neutrality
July 17, 2017
INCOMPAS Files FCC Net Neutrality Comments
July 17, 2017
INCOMPAS and Women in the Channel Join Forces to Host Networking Breakfast at The INCOMPAS Show: Fall 2017
July 13, 2017
Trump Voters Support Net Neutrality 3 to 1, Reject Cable Lobby Efforts to Control the Internet
July 12, 2017
INCOMPAS Joins Net Neutrality Day of Action Release Flag of Freedom GIF
July 11, 2017
NEDAS to Co-Locate Fall Event With The INCOMPAS Show: Fall 2017
June 29, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on Brendan Carr FCC Nomination
June 14, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on Jessica Rosenworcel FCC Nomination
June 12, 2017
INCOMPAS to FCC: Apartment Living Must Not Be Monopoly Living
May 18, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Net Neutrality Vote: “FCC’s ISP Love Affair a Streaming Heartbreaker”
May 17, 2017
INCOMPAS Congratulates David Redl on NTIA
May 2, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on Senator Capito (R-WV) Rural Broadband Bill
May 1, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on Court Upholding Net Neutrality Laws
April 26, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Open Internet Change: Don't Crash the Streaming Revolution
April 20, 2017
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC’s Competition Killing Business Broadband Vote
April 19, 2017
INCOMPAS FACT SHEET and VIDEO: Understanding FCC's Business Data Services in Just 30 Seconds
April 18, 2017
INCOMPAS: AT&T Slaps Trump States with Price Hikes for Some BDS Services
April 14, 2017
INCOMPAS: Small Business Administration Advocate Sounds the Alarm on FCC's Broadband Price Hike
April 6, 2017
Nine Members Elected to INCOMPAS Board of Directors
March 31, 2017
INCOMPAS Blasts FCC BDS Reversal as a Competition Killer
February 3, 2017
INCOMPAS Policy Summit 2017 in Washington, D.C.
January 31, 2017
INCOMPAS Welcomes Charman Pai's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee
January 30, 2017
Consolidation, Not Competition Will Hurt Broadband Infrastructure Goals
January 24, 2017
INCOMPAS File FCC Comments on CenturyLink - Level 3 Merger
January 23, 2017
INCOMPAS Congratulates Ajit Pai on Being Tapped as FCC Chairman
January 12, 2017
INCOMPAS Congratulates Representative Mike Doyle on Communications and Technology Subcommittee Ranking Member
January 6, 2017
INCOMPAS Congratulates Rep. Marsha Blackburn on House Communications and Technology Subcommittee Appointment
December 15, 2016
INCOMPAS Statement on Wheeler Resignation, Rosenworcel Departure
November 16, 2016
Broken BDS Promise Tarnishes Competition Legacy
November 9, 2016
INCOMPAS Congratulates President-elect Donald Trump: "Build America on Competition"
October 27, 2016
INCOMPAS Welcomes FCC Business Data Services Vote
October 27, 2016
Letter to Chariman Wheeler
October 27, 2016
INCOMPAS Statement of FCC's Privacy Action
October 5, 2016
INCOMPAS Statement on the Passing of Mary Albert
September 29, 2016
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Set Top Box Delay
September 23, 2016
INCOMPAS/Pickering Statement on T-Mobile Support for Set Top Box Reform
September 13, 2016
State and Local Groups Show Support for INCOMPAS/Verizon Compromise on Business Data Services
September 8, 2016
INCOMPAS Praises FCC Action to Unlock the Box, Opening an Innovation Race
August 9, 2016
INCOMPAS/Verizon Release Third BDS Compromise Paper: Hail Rare Achievement, Uniting Every Corner of Business Broadband Market Around Future Solution
July 28, 2016
Letter to Chairman Wheeler: Study Demonstrates Economic Gains from Price Reductions in Business Data Services Market
July 28, 2016
WIK-Consult Report: Welfare Effects of Reductions in the Price of Leased Line Equivalents in the U.S.
July 14, 2016
Competition Paved Way for 5G Revolution, Competition Must Guide 5G Future
July 5, 2016
INCOMPAS Statement on Netflix-Comcast
June 29, 2016
INCOMPAS Files in Support of Proposed Framework for Business Data Services Markets
June 27 2016
INCOMPAS Statement: Expanded Verizon/INCOMPAS Business Data Service Compromise Brings More Competition 
June 27, 2016
Expanded Verizon/INCOMPAS Business Data Service Agreement
June 20, 2016
Competition Pushed 5G Innovation, Competition Will Drive 5G Deployment
June 17, 2016
INCOMPAS: Statement on Cable Industry Set-Top Box Proposal
June 14, 2016
Pickering/INCOMPAS: Open Internet Victory: Competition, Commerce and Cats
June 3, 2016
INCOMPAS to FCC: T-Mobile's "Binge-On" is Innovative Competition within Open Internet Framework
April 28, 2016
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Vote on Business Data Service, Ending Lock Up
April 25, 2016
INCOMPAS:Charter Conditions an Unconventional Victory for Interconnection
April 21, 2016
T-Mobile, US Cellular, CCA Back INCOMPAS-Verizon Compromise for FCC Action on Business Data Services/Special Access
April 21, 2016
Facebook Joins INCOMPAS
April 15, 2016
INCOMPAS: White House Call to Unlock Set Top Box will Speed Up Competition
April 12, 2016
13 Members Elected to INCOMPAS Board of Directors
April 11, 2016
FCC Chairman Wheeler Sets Course for Business Data Services, Video Marketplace and 5G at the INCOMPAS Show
April 7, 2016
INCOMPAS: FCC Sets Course for the Future of Competition
March 4, 2016
INCOMPAS: Reducing Deployment Barriers will Encourage More Broadband Competition
February 22, 2016
INCOMPAS Replies to the Large Incumbents  on Special Access 
February 18, 2016
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Move to Bring Competition to Set Top Boxes Market
February 17, 2016
INCOMPAS: Cable Companies Boxing You into the Past. #UnlockTheBox will set the Future Free 
January 27, 2016
Competitive Access is Broadband Future
INCOMPAS Files Comments in Special Access Proceeding with FCC 
January 27, 2016
INCOMPAS: Wheeler Action Will Unlock the Box, Unleash Competition and Streaming Future
January 15, 2016
Video Market is Broken, FCC Has Authority to Fix It
December 2, 2015
INCOMPAS Commends House Action on Broadband Deployment Legislation
December 2, 2015
INCOMPAS to FCC: Video Roadblocks Delaying Broadband Competition
December 1, 2015
INCOMPAS Ex Parte Counters AT&T Claims on Special Access Reform
November 25, 2015
INCOMPASTM: FCC Pole Attachment Decision a Step Forward for Broadband Deployment
November 10, 2015
October 30, 2015
INCOMPAS Concludes Successful Fall Show in San Francisco
October 28, 2015
INCOMPAS to Senate: FCC Needs Competition Champion Jessica Rosenworcel
October 27, 2015
INCOMPAS Files FCC Comments in Support of Tech Transitions
October 20, 2015
Video Reform Coalition Announces New Effort, Releases Survey Results at INCOMPAS Show 
October 19, 2015
Introducing INCOMPAS, a Unified Voice for Competition
October 15, 2015
FCC Move to End Lock Up Plans Will Open Competition
October 14, 2015
COMPTEL Opposes Charter - Time Warner Cable Merger
October 5, 2015
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel to Deliver Keynote Address at COMPTEL Plus
September 30, 2015
COMPTEL Supports FCC Lifeline Move to Broadband
September 30, 2015
COMPTEL: Competition Policy Drives Broadband Investment, Future of Video 
September 24, 2015
COMPTEL Congratulates Chip Pickering on Public Knowledge IP3 Award
September 21, 2015
COMPTEL Leads Open Internet Brief Filed in Support of FCC
September 17, 2015
FCC's Data Driven Process is Key to Competition
September 16, 2015
NEF Announces Latest Enhancement of its Fiberlocator Network Intelligence and Fiber Mapping Platform
September 3, 2015
COMPTEL Partners with NEF to Offer Discounts on Products and Consulting Services to Member Companies 
September 1, 2015
COMPTEL Welcomes FCC Conversation to Unlock Set Top Box, Free Consumers and Competition
August 31, 2015
Modernizing Lifeline Important for Broadband Future
August 31, 2015
COMPTEL's Lifeline Comments Supporting Broadband 
August 27, 2015
Davis Wright Tremaine to Host COMPTEL Plus Workshop 
August 21, 2015
Consumer Video Choice Coalition Urges FCC Action to Preserve Competition in Video Device Market 
August 6, 2015
FCC Tech Transition Vote is a Win for Competition, Business Customers
July 31, 2015
Consumer Video Choice Coalition Applauds Senators Markey and Blumenthal's Report on High Cost of Set-Top Boxes
July 23, 2015
Comptel's Fact Sheet on the Technology Transitions
July 22, 2015
COMPTEL Statement on "Promoting Broadband Infrastructure Investment"
July 22, 2015
AT&T Direct TV Merger Conditions Reflect Power of Open Internet and Interconnection Movement
July 15, 2015
Charter’s Peering Policy Move Good News for Open Internet, Over-the-Top Growth
July 10, 2015
COMPTEL Praises Action on FCC Tech Transition
July 1, 2015
Unlock the Box: Consumer Video Choice Coalition Launched to Protect Consumer's Video Device Options
June 26, 2015
COMPTEL Statement on FCC Chairman Wheeler's Brookings Speech
June 22, 2015
COMPTEL, NTCA, and ITTA Urge Congress to Update Video Policy
June 16, 2015
COMPTEL Comments on Granite Petition
June 11, 2015
COMPTEL Statement on Denial of Open Interet Stay Request
June 5, 2015
COMPTEL, Level 3 Urge Commission to Resolve Pole Attachment Rate Disparities
June 4, 2015
COMPTEL Comments on Proposed TRS Contribution Factor
June 1, 2015
COMPTEL Files Reply Comments on Local Portability Transition Plan
May 27, 2015
COMPTEL Files Ex Parte on ILEC Special Construction Practices for Ethernet Services
May 22, 2015
Opposition of Intervenors to Petitioners’Motion for Stay
May 12, 2015
COMPTEL Files Open Internet Intervention in Support of FCC
May 7, 2015
Growing COMPTEL Expands Reach with SmithBucklin Partnership
May 1, 2015
COMPTEL Honored to Participate in Bush Center’s W100K Ride Benefiting Wounded American Veterans
April 30, 2015
COMPTEL Letter Urges Bipartsanship in FCC Process Reform
April 24, 2015
COMPTEL Applauds Demise of Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal
April 17, 2015
Letter of Opposition to Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger
April 14, 2015
13 Members Elected to COMPTEL Board of Directors
April 14, 2015
COMPTEL PLUS Show Daily - Day 2
April 13, 2015
COMPTEL Comments on Frontier Request to Acquire Verizon ILEC Operations and Long Distance Customers in Three States
April 13, 2015
COMPTEL PLUS Show Daily - Day 1
April 4, 2015
UPDATED: Leading Industry Innovators and Top Lawmaker to Take Center Stage at COMPTEL PLUS Business Expo 2015
March 24, 2015
Leading Industry Innovators and Top Lawmaker to Take Center Stage at COMPTEL PLUS Business Expo 2015
March 18, 2015
Technologies Management Inc. to Host COMPTEL PLUS Workshop on How to Realize Ancillary Benefits from M&A
March 16, 2015
COMPTEL Urges Expeditious Reform of Special Access Services to Address Default Granting of CenturyLink Forbearance Petition
March 12, 2015
COMPTEL Comments on Release of FCC's Open Internet Order
March 11, 2015
White Paper: Historical Perspective – Reclassification is the Best Solution
March 9, 2015
COMPTEL Files Reply Comments in Technology Transitions Proceeding
March 6, 2015
COMPTEL Joins with Associations in Asking the FCC to Reconsider its New Treble Damages Policy
February 26, 2015
COMPTEL Praises FCC Open Internet Action to Protect Consumers, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
February 24, 2015
COMPTEL Praises FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn for Her Commitment to Competition Agenda
February 10, 2015
COMPTEL Comments on Sen. Heller's FCC Process Reform Legislation
February 9, 2015
COMPTEL Brings Top Policymakers, Lawmakers and Industry Leaders for Competition and Innovation Policy Summit
February 5, 2015
COMPTEL Comments on Technology Transitions NPRM and Windstream Petition for Declaratory Ruling
February 4, 2015
COMPTEL Files Opposition to AT&T and Verizon Applications for Review of FCC Declaratory Ruling on Data Roaming
February 4, 2015
COMPTEL Commends Chairman’s Draft Order on Open Internet
February 3, 2015
“Don’t Comcast the Internet” Campaign Urges Regulators to Deny Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger
January 23, 2015
COMPTEL Responds to House Energy and Commerce White Paper on Regulation of the Market for Video Content and Distribution
January 23, 2015
COMPTEL Files Opposition to US Telecom Association Petition for Reconsideration
January 21, 2015
COMPTEL Remarks on Congressional Open Internet Hearings
January 21, 2015
Bipartisan Support for Open Internet Unscores Need for Strong Policy Actions to Prevent Blocking, Discrimination
January 21, 2015
COMPTEL Comments on State of the Union Address
January 14, 2015
COMPTEL Comments on President Obama’s Plan to Increase Access to Affordable Broadband
January 5, 2015
Stephan Schiffman to Bring Innovative Sales Training to the COMPTEL PLUS Business Expo 2015
December 30, 2014
Associations Urge Light-Touch Policy Framework Under Title II for Strong Open Internet Rules
December 23, 2014
COMPTEL Urges FCC to Deny Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger
December 18, 2014
COMPTEL Commends FCC for Addressing T-Mobile Petition on Data Roaming
December 17, 2014
COMPTEL Congratulates FCC Commissioner O’Rielly on Senate Confirmation
December 12, 2014
COMPTEL Files Comments with OMB on Paperwork Reduction Act Issues for Rural Call Completion Rules
December 11, 2014
COMPTEL Points Out Discrepancy in Verizon’s Claims on the Impact of Title II on Network Investment
December 5, 2014
COMPTEL’s Opposition to USTelecom's Petition for Forbearance
December 3, 2014
Twitter Joins COMPTEL
November 21, 2014
COMPTEL Applauds FCC’s Adoption of Technology Transitions NPRM and Declaratory Ruling
November 13, 2014
COMPTEL Joins Associations in Calling for Congress to Make Internet Tax Moratorium Permanent
November 10, 2014
COMPTEL Praises President Obama’s Plan to Protect Open Internet
October 31, 2014
COMPTEL Statement on FCC Technology Transitions Proposals
October 9, 2014
COMPTEL Congratulates Commissioner O’Rielly on Renomination to FCC
October 9, 2014
Conservatives, Main Street Businesses and Tech Companies form New Alliance to Find Net Neutrality Solution
October 7, 2014
COMPTEL Forms Advisory Committee to Explore How to Facilitate Strategic Partnerships Between Wireless Carriers and Backhaul Providers
October 7, 2014
Show Daily - Day 2
October 6, 2014
COMPTEL Praises FCC Chairman Wheeler for Leadership in Addressing Fundamental Issues Impacting Competition
October 6, 2014
COMPTEL Membership Ranks Grow as Association Focuses on Importance of Competition Across All Networks
September 29, 2014
COMPTEL Joins Forces with J. Spargo & Associates for Trade Show Sales and Management
September 19, 2014
COMPTEL Files Reply Comments in 706 Proceeding
September 19, 2014
COMPTEL Responds to House Energy & Commerce White Paper on Universal Service Policy and the Roll of the FCC
September 15, 2014
COMPTEL Files Reply Comments in Open Interent Proceeding
September 10, 2014
COMPTEL Ex Parte Highlights Need for Reasonable Rates, Terms and Conditions for Last-Mile Facilities
September 10, 2014
COMPTEL Participates in “Internet Slowdown” to Shine Light on Importance of Open Internet
September 8, 2014
COMPTEL Files Reply Comments on USF Reform, Urging FCC to Complete Its Implementation of Phase II of CAF and Mobility Fund
September 4, 2014
COMPTEL Commends FCC Chairman Wheeler for Focus on Improving Broadband Competition
August 25, 2014
COMPTEL Urges Commission to Deny Comcast Acquisition of Time Warner Cable
August 18, 2014
COMPTEL Looks Forward to Special Access Reform as OMB Approves FCC to Proceed with Mandatory Data Collection
August 15, 2014
COMPTEL Supports Michigan PSC in AT&T Lawsuit Challenging Order to Comply with IP Interconnection Obligations
August 15, 2014
COMPTEL, MACC Amici Curiae Brief in Support of Michigan PSC IP Interconnection Decision
August 8, 2014
COMPTEL’s Response to Questions in House Energy and Commerce White Paper “Network Interconnection”
August 4, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on Emergency Petition Seeking Waiver of Rule Requiring Reduction in Originating Access Rates for IP-PSTN VoIP Traffic
July 16, 2014
COMPTEL Ex Parte Responds to USTelecom on Special Access
July 15, 2014
COMPTEL Comments in FCC Open Internet Proceeding
July 14, 2014
COMPTEL Files Reply Comments in CenturyLink Forbearance Petition
July 10, 2014
COMPTEL Supports T-Mobile Request for Clarification of Commercially Reasonable Standard of Data Roaming Obligations
July 7, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on the Commission’s Proposed Market Power Test for the CenturyLink Petition for Forbearance from Regulation on Enterprise Broadband Services Proceeding
June 27, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on Impact of Copper Retirement on Wholesale Markets
June 18, 2014
COMPTEL Members and Customers Meet with FCC Chairman and Commissioners to Discuss Benefits of Competition
June 18, 2014
"Customers, Competition and the 1996 Telecom Act"
June 13, 2014
COMPTEL Response to House Energy and Commerce Committee White Paper on Competition Policy and the Role of the Federal Communications Commission
June 13, 2014
COMPTEL Applauds FCC Chairman Wheeler for Opening Inquiry into Internet Traffic Exchange and Internet Congestion
June 13, 2014
COMPTEL Commends FCC for Recognizing Importance of Wholesale Access in Technology Transitions
June 10, 2014
FCC Chairman Wheeler to Deliver Keynote Address at COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2014 Convention & EXPO
June 2, 2014
COMPTEL Gains Momentum in Fiber, Cloud, Broadband and Wireless Sectors with Addition of 16 New Members in First Half of 2014
May 15, 2014
COMPTEL Commends FCC Action to Implement Broadcast Television Incentive Auction
May 15, 2014
COMPTEL Urges FCC to Ensure Internet Remains an Open Platform for Speech and Commerce
May 13, 2014
COMPTEL Files in Support of Rural Call Completion Reporting Clarifications
May 12, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on Midcontinent Communications’ Waiver for Rural Call Completion Requirements
May 1, 2014
Boston Globe Letter to the Editor: "Keep rules in place to continue broadband revolution"
April 30, 2014
COMPTEL, Members Continue Call for Congress to Stop Abusive Patent Litigation
April 25, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on House White Paper on "Modernizing U.S. Spectrum Policy"
April 10, 2014
COMPTEL and Service Providers Urge FCC Not to Approve AT&T’s Technology Transitions Experiments Without Significant Modifications
April 8, 2014
Wall Street Journal - AT&T's Plan For the Future: No Landlines, Less Regulation
April 7, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on E-Rate Modernization
April 2, 2014
COMPTEL Proposes Managerial Framework to Successfully Guide the Technology Transitions
April 2, 2014
COMPTEL Managerial Framework for Technology Transitions
April 1, 2014
COMPTEL Commends Precedent-Setting Michigan PSC Order Forcing AT&T to Comply with Interconnection Obligations
March 31, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on AT&T's Proposed IP Trials
March 31, 2014
COMPTEL Responds to FCC Process Reform Report
March 24, 2014
COMPTEL Brings Together Dealmakers at Annual Spring Convention
March 18, 2014
COMPTEL Applauds Defining Precedent for IP Interconnection to Benefit Competition and Consumers in Michigan
March 18, 2014
14 Members Elected to COMPTEL Board of Directors
March 18, 2014
COMPTEL PLUS Show Daily - Day 2
March 17, 2014
COMPTEL PLUS Show Daily - Day 1
March 6, 2014
Competitors Ready to Join Technology Transition Trials
March 6, 2014
Telecom Reseller:  Podcast Interview with COMPTEL CEO Chip Pickering
March 4, 2014
COMPTEL Supports Waiver of Rules Prohibiting Retention of Lifeline Eligibility Documentation
February 28, 2014
COMPTEL Files Comments on the Paperwork Reduction Act Inquiry Related to Rural Call Completion Rules
February 28, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on AT&T’s Proposed Wire Center Trials 
February 27, 2014
COMPTEL Praises Guthrie and Matsui for Creation of Spectrum Caucus
February 24, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on Retirement of Rep. John Dingell
February 20, 2014
COMPTEL's Angie Kronenberg Named Rising Star in Wireline by FierceTelecom
February 14, 2014
COMPTEL Chief Advocate and General Counsel Angie Kronenberg participated in BroadbandUS TV webcast: "Net Neutrality, the IP Transition -- Where Are We, What's Next?"
February 14, 2014
COMPTEL Files in Opposition to CenturyLink Forbearance Petition
February 13, 2014
Comprehensive Workshop at COMPTEL PLUS to Explore How Communications Providers Can Capitalize on New Business Strategies
February 6, 2014
COMPTEL CEO Chip Pickering Participates in Panel Hosted by National Journal: "Dialing In on the IP Transition"
February 5, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on Legislation to Ensure Consumers’ Freedom to Access Internet Content
February 4, 2014
Skinny Wire article "The Truth about the IP Transition"
February 4, 2014
CQ Weeky - "On The Move - Telecommunications: Charles W. ‘Chip’ Pickering Jr." 
January 31, 2014
COMPTEL Responds to Committee's Questions on "Modernizing the Communications Act"
January 30, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on Retirement of Rep. Henry Waxman
January 30, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on FCC Proposal for Technology Experiments
January 27, 2014
COMPTEL PLUS CEO Breakfast to Address the  Impact of Policy Reform on Competitive Sector
January 22, 2014
COMPTEL Meets with FCC General Counsel on Technology Transition Issues
January 21, 2014
COMPTEL Responds to Petition Regarding Declaratory Ruling on Cable One's Phone Service
January 16, 2014
COMPTEL Files Petition for Reconsideration in Rural Call Completion Proceeding
January 13, 2014
Windstream CEO Jeff Gardner to Deliver Keynote Address at COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2014 Convention
January 8, 2014 
COMPTEL Expands Partnership with UNITEL to Offer HR Advisory Services to Members