Press Release Archives 2008


12/12/08 COMPTEL Cites International Market Barriers (release)
12/01/08 tw telecom's Herda to Keynote Next COMPTEL Show (release)
11/26/08 COMPTEL Blasts FCC's Proposed Order to Overhaul Intercarrier Comp, USF (pdf)
11/17/08 COMPTEL Calls on Lawmakers to Urge FCC Not to Rush Vote on Intercarrier Comp, USF (pdf)
10/31/08 COMPTEL, Others Urge FCC to Reject All Unlicensed Use of TV 'White Spaces' Spectrum (pdf)
10/27/08 Widespread and Diverse Voices Urge Transparency at the FCC (release)
10/22/08 COMPTEL Opposes Verizon's, AT&T's Telephone Number/Connections-Based USF Plan (pdf)
10/21/08 COMPTEL Files Brief with Supreme Court in Price Squeeze Case (pdf)
  COMPTEL Joins Member Companies in Opposing Extension of Cost Assignment Forbearance (pdf)
  COMPTEL Reiterates Support for the FCC to Seek Comment on ICC, USF Proposals (pdf)
10/14/08 COMPTEL Files Principles for Intercarrier Comp Reform (pdf
10/13/08 COMPTEL Joins Group in Asking FCC to Put Out for Comment ICC and USF Proposals (pdf)
10/08/08 COMPTEL, Others Seek Help from Congress in Effort to Urge FCC to Release Proposed ICC Order (pdf)
09/12/08 Congressman Pickering to Deliver Keynote at COMPTEL Fall Show (release)
09/09/08 COMPTEL to Honor Congressmen Doyle, Shadegg  (release)
09/08/08 COMPTEL Criticizes FCC for Eliminating Valuable Reporting Rules (release)
08/29/08 COMPTEL, Sprint Strongly Oppose AT&T ARMIS Petition (pdf)
08/21/08 COMPTEL Opposition to AT&T Petition for Interim Declaratory Ruling (pdf)
08/08/08 COMPTEL, CLECs File Brief in Support of FCC's Decision to Deny Verizon Regulatory Relief (pdf)
07/26/08 COMPTEL Praises FCC for Rejecting Qwest Petitions (release)
07/08/08 COMPTEL Seeks to Intervene in Verizon Marketing Proceeding, Files Opposition with Court (pdf)
07/07/08 COMPTEL, Others Weigh In on AT&T Compliance Plan (pdf)
06/25/08 COMPTEL President Urges Congress to Weigh in on Qwest Forbearance Petitions (pdf)
06/23/08 COMPTEL Applauds FCC for Granting Complaint Against Verizon (release)
06/09/08 COMPTEL Weighs in on VoIP Providers and Interconnection Rights (pdf)
05/29/08 Retail Competition, Innovation Directly Linked to Wholesale Market (release)
  The Importance of Wholesale Competition to Market Performance (pdf)
05/13/08 COMPTEL, Leading Competitors Urge FCC to Reject Verizon's Virginia Beach Petition (pdf)
05/12/08 COMPTEL, Members Propose Procedures for AT&T Compliance Plan (pdf)
04/25/08 FCC Frees AT&T from Requirement to Provide Valuable Cost Data (release)
04/14/08 COMPTEL blasts FCC Bureau’s decision to find in favor of Bell company (release)
04/07/08 COMPTEL Backs Motion to Dismiss Verizon Plea (pdf)
03/28/08 COMPTEL Urges FCC to Reject Verizon Deregulation Plea for Rhode Island (pdf)
03/24/08 COMPTEL Criticizes Verizon's Customer Retention Methods (pdf)
03/07/08 COMPTEL Urges FCC to Create Rules Governing Forbearance Pleas (pdf)
  COMPTEL, Members Comment in Pole Attachment Proceeding (pdf)
03/03/08 Industry Shines at COMPTEL Spring Show in Nashville (release)
02/25/08 AT&T Fails to Comply with Merger Conditions (pdf)
02/11/08 COMPTEL Letter in Support of NARUC Special Access Project (pdf)
02/01/08 COMPTEL Opposes Verizon Petition for Forbearance from Reporting Rules (pdf)
01/31/08 COMPTEL, Time Warner Telecom Refile Objection to AT&T's Tariff Withdrawals (pdf)
01/11/08 COMPTEL, Time Warner Telecom Ask FCC to reject AT&T Tariffs (pdf)