For more than three decades, INCOMPAS (formerly known as COMPTEL) has served as an advocate for the competitive communications industry, supporting the growth of our member companies businesses and fostering economic development in communities around the world. In our pursuit of promoting principles of a competitive communications marketplace, we are active in proceedings underway at the FCC and other federal agencies, before Congress, in the international arena and in the courts. We focus our policy advocacy efforts on pro-competitive policies and reforms in these key areas:

  • Last mile network access at just and reasonable rates, terms and conditions via copper, packetized loop and wholesale special access
  • Technology neutral, managed VoIP interconnection
  • Universal service fund (USF) policies, including efficient and effective E-rate, Lifeline and Rural Health Care programs, and a reformed contribution base to support these programs
  • Access to rights-of-ways, buildings and pole attachments 
  • Spectrum policy
  • Cybersecurity, data security and privacy 
  • Rural call completion
We also encourage our active and vocal membership to participate in our numerous committees and issue-specific task forces created on an ad hoc basis.