Member Referral Program

Earn Cash-Back Rewards for New Member Referrals

The INCOMPAS Member Referral Program offers incentives for our existing members to reach out to their network of industry contacts, promote the benefits of our association and encourage new companies to join and take an active role in promoting the communications industry and their business. Program rewards are given for referrals of both new voting and non-voting members.

How It Works
To participate in the INCOMPAS Member Referral Program, you must work for an active member company (that is current with dues payments).  Here’s what you need to do to be to be eligible for the cash reward:

  • For each potential new member, e-mail complete company profile and contact information to INCOMPAS.
  • Personally contact the prospective new member to encourage the company to join the association.  INCOMPAS staff also will contact the potential new member to discuss the benefits membership and will keep the referring member informed of the progress with the member prospect.
  • If more than one member refers the same prospective company, the designated individual will be the one who first submitted that company, based on the time stamp of the e-mail submission.
  • Once the prospect company agrees to join INCOMPAS and pays its dues, the referral member will be notified and sent the cash reward.

The individual who refers a new member will receive a cash card with an amount based on the membership category to which the new member company belongs.

Service Provider Voting Member – Large $500                       
Service Provider Voting Member – Medium $250
Service Provider Voting Member – Small   $100
Supplier, Associate or International Member –  $100

Eligibility Restrictions
Member companies that have allowed their INCOMPAS membership to expire within the last six (6) months are not eligible to be solicited for this program.