Filings & Statements 2012

12/19/12 COMPTEL Comments on FCC Special Access Order and FNPRM (pdf)
12/14/12 Meets with Commission on PSTN Transition  (pdf)
12/13/12 COMPTEL Comments on Next-Gen 911 Proceeding  (pdf)
12/10/12 COMPTEL Comments on Creation of FCC Technology Transitions Policy Task Force  (pdf)
11/14/12 COMPTEL Responds to AT&T Statements at NARUC (pdf)
10/01/12 COMPTEL Ex Parte Shows Importance of Copper for Delivering Affordable Broadband Services to Businesses, Consumers (pdf)
08/23/12 COMPTEL Comments on Petition for Direct Access to Numbering Resources  (pdf)
08/23/12 COMPTEL Comments on FCC’s Special Access Order (pdf)
08/06/12  COMPTEL Files Reply Comments in Universal Service FNPRM (pdf)
08/01/12 COMPTEL Urges FCC Not to Require Reseller Certifications on Service-by-Service Basis (pdf)
07/09/12 COMPTEL Comments on Universal Service Contribution Methodology FNPRM (pdf)
06/27/12 COMPTEL Files Ex Parte on Meeting with Commissioner Rosenworcel (pdf)
06/25/12 COMPTEL, CLECs Meet with Commissioner Pai’s Office on Vonage Numbering Resources Waiver  (pdf)
06/13/12 COMPTEL, CLECs Meet with Commissioner Rosenworcel’s Office on Vonage Numbering Resources Waiver (pdf)
06/06/12 COMPTEL, CLECs Respond to AT&T Ex Parte on Numbering Resources (pdf)
06/05/12 COMPTEL Supports FCC Action to Reform Special Access Framework (pdf)


COMPTEL Joins Ex Parte Letter on Numbering Resources (pdf)


COMPTEL Comments on FCC Rulemaking on Use of Mobile Satellite Service Spectrum (pdf)


COMPTEL Commends Congressional Leaders for Encouraging FCC to Address Special Access Expeditiously (pdf)


COMPTEL Joins Reply Comments on Millicorp and SmartEdgeNet Request for Waiver for Access to Numbering Resources (pdf)


COMPTEL Joins Comments Opposing Millicorp and SmartEdgeNet Request for Waiver for Access to Numbering Resources (pdf)


COMPTEL Congratulates Rosenworcel and Pai on Appointments to the Federal Communications Commission (pdf)


COMPTEL Files Comments Supporting Michigan CLECs in Arbitration Case About Dark Fiber Interconnection (pdf)


COMPTEL Files Opposition to USTelecom’s Forbearance Petition (pdf)


COMPTEL Comments on Lifeline FNPRM  (pdf)


COMPTEL Submits Reply Comments in FCC’s FNPRM on Intercarrier Compensation  (pdf)
03/20/12 COMPTEL, NCTA and ACA Express Support of Forbearance from Ownership Restrictions  (pdf)
03/02/12 COMPTEL Joins Others in Responding to Vonage Ex Parte on Access to Numbering Resources (pdf)
02/24/12 COMPTEL files comments on Intercarrier Compensation and IP Interconnection (pdf)
02/05/12 COMPTEL Statement for the Record: House Small Business Committee Subcommittee on Healthcare and Technology hearing on “Broadband: The Catalyst for Small Business Growth” (pdf)
01/24/12 COMPTEL Joins Comments on VoIP Providers' Access to Numbering Resources  (pdf)