Filings & Statements 2010

12/21/10 COMPTEL Identifies International Trade Barriers in Germany and Mexico in Annual Comments to the United States Trade Representative (pdf)
10/15/10 COMPTEL Files Comments on Business Broadband Marketplace (pdf)
09/28/10 COMPTEL FOIA Request at Center of Corporate Privacy Case to be Decided by U.S. Supreme Court (Wall Steet Journal)
08/31/10 COMPTEL Files Ex Parte Outlining Failure of Special Access Deregulation (pdf)
08/30/10 COMPTEL Supports Preemption of Maine PUC Order Governing Interconnection with Rural LECs (pdf)
08/16/10 COMPTEL and tw telecom Urge FCC to Revise Pole Attachment Rules (pdf)
07/30/10 COMPTEL Responds to NANC Interim Report (pdf)
07/15/10 COMPTEL Comments on Broadband Framework (pdf)
07/12/10 COMPTEL Comments on Qwest-CenturyLink Merger (pdf)
07/12/10 COMPTEL Urges FCC to Seek Comprehensive Reform in Universal Service NPRM Comments (pdf)
07/01/10 COMPTEL Denounces AT&T Special Access Rate Increase (pdf)
06/23/10 COMPTEL Statement on FCC Decision Regarding Qwest (pdf)
06/16/10 COMPTEL Study Shows Competition Results in Greater Job Creation (pdf)
06/01/10 COMPTEL Urges FCC to Act on Special Access Rates (pdf)
05/24/10 COMPTEL, Coalition Reiterates Support for Fixed Licensed Point-to-Point Use of Vacant Whites Spaces (pdf)
04/29/10 COMPTEL Provides Additional Comment on Qwest Phoenix MSA Forbearance (pdf)
04/26/10 COMPTEL Comments on Net Neutrality (pdf)
04/19/10 COMPTEL Comments on Free Press Request for Confidential Carrier Data (pdf)
03/15/10 COMPTEL Statement on Release of National Broadband Plan (pdf)
03/09/10 COMPTEL Filing Supports Michigan CLECs’ Petition For Preemption (pdf)
03/01/10 COMPTEL Comments on Maine PUC Petition for Declaratory Ruling (pdf)
02/24/10 COMPTEL Files Reply Comments on Regulatory Framework for Special Access (pdf)
02/16/10 COMPTEL Comments on LNP Porting Interval and Validation Requirements (pdf)
01/29/10 COMPTEL Comments on TelePacific USAC Appeal (pdf)
01/22/10 COMPTEL Files Comments on Cbeyond Unbundling Petition (pdf)
01/19/10 COMPTEL Comments on Regulatory Framework for Special Access (pdf)
 01/14/10  COMPTEL Comments in Net Neutrality NPRM (pdf)