Filings & Statements 2013


12/20/13 COMPTEL Files Ex Parte Following Up on Meeting with Technology Transitions Task Force
12/12/13 COMPTEL Comments on FCC Technology Transitions Policy Task Force Presentation
12/12/13 COMPTEL Urges FCC to Forbear from Enforcement of TRS Line Item Prohibition
12/9/13 COMPTEL Applauds FCC Denial of AT&T’s Proposal to  Eliminate Longer-Term Special Access Contracts
12/9/13 COMPTEL Commends Michigan PSC for Confirming IP Interconnection Requirements
12/6/13 COMPTEL Meets with FCC on IP Transition
12/3/13 COMPTEL Comments on House Leaders’ Plan to Revisit Telecommunications Act
12/2/13 COMPTEL Files Comments in Support of Deltacom, Inc.'s Request for Review of Universal Service Administrator Decision
11/29/13 COMPTEL Files Comments in Support of US Link's Request for Review of Universal Service Administrator Decision
11/8/13 COMPTEL Files Reply Comments on Modernizing the E-rate Program for Schools and Libraries
11/7/13 Competitive Industry Calls on FCC Chairman Wheeler to Protect Consumer Choice and Preserve and Promote Competition
10/30/13 COMPTEL Congratulates Wheeler and O’Rielly on Confirmations to the FCC WASHINGTON, D.C.
10/28/13 COMPTEL Denounces AT&T's Actions to Eliminate Longer-Term Special Access Contracts
10/21/13 COMPTEL Warns of Distortions of Facts in Recent IIA Paper
9/18/13 COMPTEL Comments on FCC’s Mandatory Request for Special Access Data
9/12/13 COMPTEL Panel Discussion: “The IP Transition - An Evolution of the Network, Regulatory Environment, or Both?”
9/6/13 COMPTEL Supports Time Warner Cable's Request for Preemption of NCREA's Jurisdiction over Interconnection Arbitrations
9/6/13 COMPTEL Supports Proposed Revisions To Sample Reseller Certification Language
8/19/13 COMPTEL Files Reply Comments on Numbering Policies
8/7/13 COMPTEL Files Reply Comments on Proposed IP Transition Trials
7/29/13 COMPTEL Comments on Verizon Application to Discontinue Service
7/25/13 Testimony of COMPTEL CEO Jerry James for Senate Commerce Hearing on “State of Wireline Competition”
7/24/13 The Hill Op-Ed:  Put sound policy before technology
7/18/13 COMPTEL Comments on Direct Assignment of Number Resources to Interconnected VoIP Providers
7/17/13 COMPTEL Joins 50 Organizations in Letter to Congressional Leadership Urging Solutions to Patent Abuse...
7/8/13 COMPTEL Underscores Importance of Maintaining Competitive Interconnection Policies in Transition to IP
7/2/13 COMPTEL Files Reply Comments in Tracfone Petition for Rulemaking
6/18/13 COMPTEL Applauds Pro-Competitive Stance of FCC Chairman Nominee Tom Wheeler during Senate Hearing
6/17/13 COMPTEL’s Opposition to Tracfone's Petition for Rulemaking
6/11/13 COMPTEL Files Replies in Rural Call Completion Proceeding
6/7/13 COMPTEL Seeks Reconsideration and/or Clarification on Recovery of TRS Contributions...
5/13/13 COMPTEL Comments on Rural Call Termination...
5/10/13 COMPTEL Comments on FCC Public Notice About Potential Trials for Transition to IP Technology...
5/1/13 COMPTEL Comments on Nomination of Tom Wheeler as FCC Chairman...
4/16/13 COMPTEL Files in Support of Reversing Broadband Forbearance...
4/10/13 COMPTEL Urges Lawmakers to Consider Potential Unintended Consequences of Draft Internet Governance Bill...
3/25/13 COMPTEL supports proposal to have restructured SMS/800 corporation assume neutral administrator and tariffing functions for 800 service management system access...
3/21/13 COMPTEL Joins with Associations to Express Importance of the Act’s Interconnection Provision, Regardless of Technology...
3/21/13  COMPTEL Comments on Resignations of FCC Chairman Genachowski and Commissioner McDowell...
3/5/13 COMPTEL Comments on Refreshing Record on and Amending FCC Copper Retirement Rules
3/4/13 COMPTEL Comments to NARUC Task Force on Federalism
2/25/13 COMPTEL Meets with FCC on Copper Retirement
2/25/13 COMPTEL Opposes USTelecom Petition on Switched Access Services
1/28/13 COMPTEL Comments on Petitions to Launch TDM-to-IP Transition Proceeding
1/9/13 COMPTEL Supports TelePacific Petition for Partial Reconsideration on Wholesaler/Reseller Contribution Obligations