Federal Legislative

On the legislative front, INCOMPAS' advocacy team works closely with members of Congress, specifically those who hold leadership roles in committees that address issues of importance to our membership, as well as their staff to ensure that the perspectives of the competitive communications sector are considered by lawmakers.  We provide analysis of pending legislative proposals, and where needed, offer legislative suggestions that further competitive principles.

INCOMPAS and its member companies are regularly asked to provide expert testimony before Congress, as well as provide briefings on the numerous issues being debated.  We also provide opportunities for member company executives to engage their representatives on Capitol Hill through CEO fly-ins and roundtable discussions  

April 16, 2018
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March 4, 2016
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December 9, 2015
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December 2, 2015
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November 10, 2015
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October 27, 2015
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October 26, 2015
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October 6, 2015
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July 31, 2015
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July 22, 2015
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June 22, 2015
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June 22, 2015
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April 30, 2015
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February 26, 2015
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February 24, 2015
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February 10, 2015
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February 9, 2015
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February 3, 2015
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January 21, 2015
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December 17, 2014
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November 13, 2014
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November 10, 2014
COMPTEL Praises President Obama’s Plan to Protect Open Internet
September 19, 2014
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August 8, 2014
COMPTEL’s Response to Questions in House Energy and Commerce White Paper “Network Interconnection”
June 18, 2014
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June 13, 2014
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April 25, 2014
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February 27, 2014
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February 5, 2014
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January 31, 2014
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January 30, 2014
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