News - July 17, 2019

INCOMPAS on E-rate Attack: Monopoly Schools are a Dumb Idea

Broadband Competition Focused Trade Association Files E-rate Reply Comments at the FCC

WASHINGTON, D.C. (JULY 17, 2019) – INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association filed reply comments in the E-rate proceeding currently underway at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

INCOMPAS, who represents a number of competitive broadband and fiber builders providing schools and libraries with faster speeds and lower prices, blasted a petition for rulemaking at the FCC that seeks to overhaul the E-rate program in order to make it easier for incumbents to win E-rate contracts or charge schools and libraries monopoly rents on broadband connections.

To read the new reply comments from INCOMPAS, click here.
To read their original E-rate filing, click here.

The INCOMPAS reply comment calls out those who refer to competition as “overbuilding,” and details how more broadband competition has breathed new life into many communities thanks to gigabit speeds, lower prices and more innovation that fosters economic growth.

Here is an excerpt from the INCOMPAS reply comments:

“Competition may be inconvenient to the incumbents, but it important to recognize this request for what it is:  an anticompetitive and protectionist proposal that will entrench incumbent providers and make it difficult for E-rate applicants to select any vendor other than their existing provider.  Removing competitive options from the E-rate program will lead to schools and libraries paying higher prices for broadband service, which will harm the E-rate recipients, the Universal Service Fund, and local taxpayers.”

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