Data Tech Inc.

As seen in the June 20, 2010  COMPTEL Connection

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Headquarters Location: Ellijay, GA 30536

Q: What does your company do and how long has it been in operation?
A: Data Tech has been providing carrier access billing (CABS) services and consulting to telcos of all sizes since 1992.

Q: To what do you attribute your company’s success in the communications industry?
Our success comes through our network of contacts within telecom and having been involved with intercarrier compensation since divestiture.  Additionally, we provide core subject-matter expertise in a very complex area of telecom. Data Tech has a proven track record of fair, honest and objective treatment of all carriers, since we deal with virtually all carriers on a day-to-day basis.

Q: What have been the biggest obstacles your company has faced in the marketplace?
The value proposition of accurate CABS is not widely understood by modern telcos.  Though an important and significant revenue stream for most telcos, it is often neglected and not maximized to its fullest potential.

Q: What do you see as your greatest challenges going forward?
A: The biggest challenges ahead for intercarrier compensation are within the state and federal regulatory agencies.  Reform is needed due to disputes and arbitrage, and there is no definitive plan for reform anywhere on the horizon.

Q: What have been some of your company’s most recent achievements (new customer wins, new service/product deployment, etc.)? 
A: Data Tech has signed numerous contracts recently with large cable MSOs that have made the leap to becoming facilities-based telco providers. Data Tech also serves some of the nation's largest CLECs. Our new CURE (Carrier Usage Records Exchange) product, launched in early 2011, provides a high degree of billing assurance to our customers in the area of usage file exchange between telcos.

Q: Why is it important for your company to be a COMPTEL member? 
Data Tech views its COMPTEL membership as crucial in facilitating the alignment of its products with modern telephony.  The membership seems to encompass the movers and shakers that crafting the solutions of the future, and Data Tech wants to be there to meet those challenges.