News -- March 5, 2024

INCOMPAS Announces New AI Center

The Tech Leader Convenes Industry Experts as Part of Center’s Advisory Council

WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 5, 2024 – INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering announced a new AI Center through INCOMPAS's 501(c)3 The Competition and Innovation Institute. The establishment of the AI Center aligns with INCOMPAS's mission and 40 years of experience driving innovation through competition, new technology, and industry collaboration. 

"INCOMPAS has always been a leader in the industry," said INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering. "We are first to move, first to innovate and first to advocate for new networks and new technologies that have shaped America's last 40 years and will shape the next 40."

"This Center will play a pivotal role in shaping the local conversations about AI, and we hope to inform legislators and regulators on the best path forward when it comes to implementing policies that protect innovation and open competition," Pickering continued. "We are delighted to unveil our extraordinary Advisory Council, too. These proven tech leaders will provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise to bolster our efforts and to harness the power of AI for all Americans."

The Advisory Council will include the following members:

  • Mignon Clyburn, Former Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
  • Colin Crowell, Managing Director, The Blue Owl Group
  • Robert Hale, CEO, Granite Telecommunications LLC
  • Milo Medin, Former Vice President, Access and Wireless Services, Google 
  • Dr. Robert Robbins, President, University of Arizona 
Read more about this initiative in Chip's blog.