News - May 26, 2021

INCOMPAS Launches New BroadLand Campaign, Taps Mignon Clyburn to Lead “Internet for All” Effort

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 26, 2021) – INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association, launched its new “BroadLand” campaign today to help make “internet for all” a reality for millions of American families and small businesses, rural and urban, who lack competitive broadband alternatives that bring faster speeds and lower prices.

INCOMPAS announced that former FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn will lead the BroadLand effort along with Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS and a former Republican Member of Congress from Mississippi. The bipartisan duo says the effort will encourage federal policy makers to go big and bold with broadband infrastructure, while helping partner with state and local officials to speed deployment of faster, competitive internet services that help families in need and attract private investment.

“We are thrilled to have a leader and a fighter like Mignon Clyburn to lead our BroadLand effort,” said Chip Pickering. “She has spent decades fighting for broadband access, inclusion and equity, making a real difference in lives of families and children who dream bigger. We are honored to have her leadership during this historic moment, where getting broadband policy right will define our nation’s success for decades to come.”

“In a nation that stands for liberty and justice for all, we must have internet for all,” said Mignon Clyburn. “I am excited to join the BroadLand effort and continue my fight for greater broadband access and competition that has proven to lift all boats. Better broadband means faster speeds, lower prices and more ideas and innovation from more people and places.”

The BroadLand campaign launched with a new website, stressing the need for competition policy and faster speed goals that will keep America ahead of other nations who have set Gigabit speed standards. BroadLand will also advocate for consumer-friendly internet, streaming and cloud policies that keep prices low for families while driving the need for faster and better network connectivity. These principles and policies were illustrated in the recent INCOMPAS policy paper, The Broadband Blueprint.

“If we want the jobs of the future, then we must build broadband networks for the future,” said Clyburn. “Faster speeds are key and we must build a future proof backbone that supports strategies for wired, wireless, satellite, 5G, small cell and fiber that can connect diverse communities large and small.”

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