News -- January 11, 2021

INCOMPAS Welcomes Update to Over-the-Air Reception Device Rules for Fixed Wireless Broadband Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 11, 2021) – The Federal Communications Commission announced last week an update to its over-the-air reception device (OTARD) rule that puts fixed wireless broadband-only service providers “on similar competitive footing with other broadband service providers” by expanding the rule to include hub and relay wireless antennas.  

In response, Angie Kronenberg, chief advocate and general counsel, from INCOMPAS, released the following statement of support:

“INCOMPAS welcomes and supports FCC action on updating the OTARD rules that will benefit consumers by enabling more competitive broadband.

“Our member companies bring competition and innovation to the broadband marketplace, including solutions that extend beyond the reach of traditional fixed options, and into many rural and underserved locations. We believe all Americans must have access to broadband connectivity and this update to the OTARD rules will help achieve that goal.”