Filings & Statements 2020

December 23, 2020
INCOMPAS: North Pole Attachments, Help Santa Map his way to Apartment Buildings that want Better Broadband and More Competition for Christmas

December 21, 2020
Broadband Stimulus is an Important Band-Aid, but American Networks Need Surgery

December 2, 2020
INCOMPAS and Other Tech Organizations Call for Broadband Support in COVID Relief Package
November 30. 2020 
INCOMPAS Statement on Ajit Pai Departure from the FCC

November 18, 2020
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Consideration of CTA Equipment Authorization Petition

November 10, 2020
INCOMPAS Joins Multi-Association Letter to South Korea Regarding the Telecommunications Business Act

November 9, 2020
INCOMPAS Statement Congratulating President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris
October 30, 2020
INCOMPAS Joins Letter Calling for 12 GHz NPRM at FCC

October 26, 2020
INCOMPAS Seeks Flexibility For Providers' Implementation of Call Authentication Practices in Reply Comments

October 16, 2020
INCOMPAS Offers Comment on Caller ID Authentication Progress

October 15, 2020
INCOMPAS Statement on FCC Section 230 Announcement
September 29, 2020
INCOMPAS Raises Concerns Over Extending Safe Harbors For Call Blocking in Reply Comments on Fourth Further Notice

September 18, 2020
INCOMPAS Suggests 1 Gbps Speed Benchmark, Other Actions to Lower Barriers to Deploy Broadband in Comments on FCC's Section 706 Inquiry

September 9, 2020
INCOMPAS Comments on Broadband Mapping

September 2, 2020
INCOMPAS Files Comments Opposing Charter's Petition To Sunset Merger Conditions With FCC

INCOMPAS Files Comments Opposing NTIA’s Petition On Section 230 With FCC

INCOMPAS Files Comments Supporting NCTA's Petition on Pole Attachments
August 31, 2020
INCOMPAS Encourages Measured Approach to New Call Blocking, Safe Harbors in Comments on Fourth FNPRM

August 6, 2020 
INCOMPAS and USTelecom File Compromise Proposal in FCC UNE Proceeding

August 4, 2020
INCOMPAS Files Telephone Access Charges Reply Comments with FCC
July 27, 2020
INCOMPAS Replies to FCC Further Notice on Robocall Traceback Standards

July 22, 2020
INCOMPAS Opposes Charter's Petition To Sunset Merger Conditions

July 13, 2020
INCOMPAS Calls for Comprehensive Reform in FCC Update of 2012 USF Contributions Proceeding

July 9, 2020 
INCOMPAS Supports FCC Expansion of Innovative Technologies 

July 6, 2020
INCOMPAS Files Telephone Access Charges Comments with FCC
June 19 2020
INCOMPAS Offers Suggestions On Mitigating One-Ring Scams

June 18, 2020
INCOMPAS Supports Administration’s Time Frames for Foreign Ownership Review

June 15, 2020
INCOMPAS Urges Kansas Corporation Commission to Enable More Competition Through Interconnection

June 5, 2020
INCOMPAS Responds to USTelecom Application to Serve as Robocall Traceback Consortium
May 29, 2020
INCOMPAS Discusses Robocall Mitigation Programs, Certificate Delegation in Reply Comments for STIR/SHAKEN Further Notice

May 26, 2020
INCOMPAS Joins Letter on MVDDS/12 GHz Rulemaking

May 20, 2020
INCOMPAS Net Neutrality Remand Reply Comments

May 15, 2020
INCOMPAS Weighs In On Further Implementation of STIR/SHAKEN Robocall Framework

May 12, 2020 
INCOMPAS Supports Small Business Critical Connectivity Emergency Fund
April 29, 2020
INCOMPAS Joins Letter Requesting Congress to Address Broadband Connectivity in COVID-19 Legislation

April 27, 2020
INCOMPAS Files Comments on the FCC’s Communications Marketplace Report

April 24, 2020
INCOMPAS Joins Association Letter to Congress—Industry Response to COVID-19

April 20, 2020
INCOMPAS Comments on Net Neutrality Remand
March 23, 2020
INCOMPAS Supports Uniti’s Request for FCC to Declare One Network Pays Franchise Fees

March 20, 2020
Reply Comments: INCOMPAS to FCC: Now is Not the Time to End the Bridge 2
February 24, 2020
INCOMPAS Replies to USTelecom’s Opposition to Petition for Reconsideration of FCC’s Broadband Mapping Order

February 18, 2020
INCOMPAS Joins Letter Urging FCC to Adopt Spectrum Aggregation Limits in the C-Band

February 13, 2020
INCOMPAS Emphasizes Due Process in FCC Suspension and Debarment Proceeding

February 12, 2020
INCOMPAS Urges FCC Not to Impose Regulation on Interconnected VoIP Service

February 5, 2020
INCOMPAS and NWTA Tell the FCC: Don’t Burn the Bridge2Broadband

INCOMPAS and CCIA Tell FCC to Enable More Competition in the C-Band
January 29, 2020
Greater Clarity on Call Blocking Analytics Needed, INCOMPAS Tells FCC in Comments on Illegal Robocalls

January 24, 2020
INCOMPAS’ Amicus Brief Supporting T-Mobile/Sprint Merger with Conditions Enabling Dish’s Entry

January 23, 2020
INCOMPAS Urges FCC to Promote Competition in the RDOF and Fix the Letter of Credit Requirements

January 16, 2020
INCOMPAS Joins Other Broadband Associations Supporting FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Order and Requests FCC to Minimize the Financial Burdens for the Letter of Credit Requirement

January 13, 2020
INCOMPAS Files Brief with D.C. Circuit Opposing FCC’s Forbearance Order on Avoided-Cost Resale