News - November 22, 2019

INCOMPAS: FCC “Unbundling” Effort Cuts Off Competition and Puts 5G Future at Risk

Washington, D.C. (November 22, 2019) – The FCC voted 3 to 2 today to launch a new “unbundling and resale” proceeding that threatens to raise broadband prices and reduce competition from small, local broadband builders who are deploying new networks critical for 5G.

The move follows a 16-month Forbearance effort at the FCC, where many of the very same requests by Big Telecom were rejected over lack of data, and in response to letters from over 11,000 customers.

In response to the FCC vote, Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS, released the following statement:

“Americans living in urban and rural communities want more broadband competition, not less. The bridge to broadband is essential to faster speeds, lower prices and winning the race to 5G. But today’s action by the FCC runs counter to bipartisan deployment goals and hurts small local broadband builders.

“The FCC’s “unbundling” is bad news for 5G network builders and helps bailout AT&T who has told Wall Street they plan to “milk” profits from old lines, while cutting $3 billion from new network investment.  The FCC just spent 16 months reviewing this issue, and rejected big telecoms’ forbearance because it would hurt consumers and government agencies – including the US military, Homeland Security and public safety organizations – that depend on competition’s faster speeds and affordable prices.” 

“Worst of all, the FCC plans to rely on flawed data from the broken broadband maps to justify cutting off competition in rural communities. We believe killing competition before fixing the maps is bad policy, terrible politics and legally flawed.”

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