News - July 26, 2019

INCOMPAS Announces Support for DOJ Action on T-Mobile Sprint Deal with Elevation of DISH into Marketplace

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 26, 2019) – The Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced a creative deal granting the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. It will preserve a fourth national wireless competitor by elevating DISH into the marketplace.

In response, Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS, which has opposed the merger, announced his support for the new DOJ approach:

“Makan Delrahim and the Department of Justice Antitrust Division have upheld the competition and consumer welfare standard. The DOJ agreement is great news for wireless customers, smaller providers and fiber builders. This settlement preserves a market structure of four national carriers, unleashes a true race to new 5G and will help rural broadband grow. 

“The DOJ deal is both creative and competitive. With the adoption of eSIM technology as a merger condition, consumers get greater portability and flexibility to switch providers. By empowering DISH, the DOJ preserves a fourth national provider that will benefit consumers and open up more wholesale opportunities for smaller wireless builders. DISH is a disrupter with a long history of providing service to underserved rural Americans and is well positioned to bring more competition to more communities. Makan is to be commended and congratulated for his commitment to the law and competition.

“While the Department of Justice deserves praise for this creative solution, it is important to recognize the FCC and Chairman Ajit Pai for their role in fostering a better environment for broadband competition to grow. The FCC’s fiber deployment agenda, spectrum allocation and 5G growth incentives have helped lay the foundation for future competition, in both the wired and wireless markets.

“I also wish to congratulate T-Mobile and Sprint. While INCOMPAS opposed the original deal over the reduction in providers and fear that wholesale access for smaller, local wireless companies was not adequately addressed, we have always noted that both companies have long traditions of consumer-driven innovations; competition is in their DNA.”



**Disclosure: DISH is a member of INCOMPAS, and while not currently members, T-Mobile and SPRINT have been members in the past, with SPRINT serving as a founder of the association in the 1980’s to help fight for the break-up of MaBell.

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