News - July 10, 2019

INCOMPAS Applauds FCC Action to Free Condos and Apartment Buildings from Broadband Monopolies

Competition Association to Rally Fiber Builders

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 10, 2019) – In an effort to bring more broadband competition to the 30 percent of Americans living in apartment buildings and condominium units, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) voted today to begin a rulemaking process aimed at promoting communication service providers’ access to multiple tenant environments (MTEs).

For the past two years, INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association, has led advocacy efforts for more competition and access for new fiber builders at apartment buildings and condo complexes. MTE reform measures and enforcement would end exclusive arrangements between building owners and providers that have adversely affected competition.    

In response to the FCC’s action, INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering, released the following statement:

“Broadband competition is a national priority and the FCC’s effort to free apartment and condo residents from monopoly lock ups is welcome news. Over 30 percent of Americans live in multi-tenant locations—such as apartment buildings, retirement communities and condominium complexes. But for decades, landlords have developed sweetheart deals with big telecom and cable companies that lock out competition and lock in higher prices for tenants.

“Action by the FCC to free apartment and condo residents from the clutches of broadband monopolies will lower prices, increase speeds and move the deployment agenda for new fiber forward. From Detroit to San Francisco, local fiber builders are revitalizing communities by deploying new networks. But far too often, big city landlords are slamming the door in the face of competition, denying millions of residence living in apartments and senior living communities the choice of faster internet speeds at a lower price.   

“INCOMPAS is proud to have championed this issue for years, and pleased the FCC has launched this rulemaking process as MTE reform represents another critical element of the agency’s broadband deployment agenda.   We look forward to working with our fiber member companies to build a record at the FCC that ends monopoly access and brings more choice to those living in condos and apartments.”

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