Access Marketing Company

As seen in the July 17, 2023, INCOMPAS eNewsletter

Access Marketing Company 
Centennial, CO 
Q: Please tell us about your company history. 
Access Marketing Company (AMC), founded in 2006, is a vertically integrated marketing consultancy and agency focused on building enterprise brands, creating compelling marketing messages and tying business objectives to marketing programs. It was born from the need Joy saw in her consulting business for resources clients didn’t have to execute the programs she was designing.
With growth and change over the past 17 years, AMC has continued to have a client focus that is mostly tech.
It is a mark of pride that we continue to grow mainly from word-of-mouth referrals, as that means we’re doing it right for our clients.
Q: Please tell us about company’s top executives and the work that they are doing in our industry.
Joy Milkowski, Founding Partner
Joy’s diverse background and marketing expertise make her a great person to work with companies on developing the right strategy at the right time to transform marketing programs – or getting wide varieties of people to come to a consensus. She works hands-on with clients as well as guiding our marketing program managers as they strategize with clients and implement programs and campaigns, as well as providing a seasoned eye for our amazing crew of designers and writers.
Brandon Larocque, Managing Partner
Before AMC, Brandon had roles in product development, operations and marketing for startup to enterprise organizations in several industries. An engineer by education (he used to design robots), Brandon has shown it’s truly amazing how much that translates into marketing as he works with clients on discovery, strategy and tactical planning.
Beth Keserauskis, General Manager
Beth’s background was mainly in higher education, but she’s worked with B2B and B2C companies in a wide variety of fields. Some of her strengths are relationship building, strategic thought leadership, and comprehensive marketing and communication strategies. She’s also a great one to go to if you just need positive feedback.
Amiro (AR) Brache, Vice President, Telecom Practice
AR’s been working in telecom for almost three decades, and he still believes in the pursuit of great marketing. AR uses his fascination with the science and art of B2B selling to help clients tell a better story, because the best story wins.
Mike Bohner, Vice President, Design & Media
Mike has been in the industry for nearly 13 years and is a master at marketing automation design and video production/editing. He enjoys leading his team of creatives to hone their craft and increase their skills and believes in the importance of keeping user objectives at the heart of everything he and his team implement.
Danielle Unzicker, Vice President, Strategy
Danielle came to AMC with 12 years in higher-ed marketing, and believes sales and marketing should be aligned for maximum success. Her role at AMC allows her to indulge her passion for coaching team members for personal and professional growth and cultivating a high-functioning team.
John Nee, Chief Revenue Officer
John focuses on building revenue pipelines for both AMC and its client companies. Nee adds over 25 years of telecom and technology marketing leadership to the Access Marketing executive team.
Q: Explain your geographic reach. Where do you provide services?
We’re proud to say we have no boundaries – we’ve had clients from around the world. Our only limitation is whether we can find a local person who is fluent in the language to make sure we’re still doing it right.
Q: What types of products and/or services do you offer your customers?
AMC is a full-service marketing agency – in other words, we can do it all. We do the “routine” like email campaigns, videos and ABM programs, but have also done billboards, golf tournament signage and swag, event billboards, and our latest – a party bus (with accompanying video and signage) for one of our clients as they shuttled their clients from venue to venue at an industry conference.
We get to know our clients – values, goals, community presence, work/life balance – and work with many of them to strengthen their brand, improve their collateral portfolios, make their best showing at events, and increase their visibility in their given marketplace. We believe in solving business challenges with marketing – not just solving marketing problems.
With research and dedication, we can identify which communication channels are best suited for the audience you identify. Then we can develop a strategy with messaging specifically tailored to your audience using the ways your audience prefers to receive information.
Q: What is your target customer base? 
Our target customers are mainly mid-size to enterprise telecom, cloud, infrastructure and data center companies.
While contractually prevented from naming clients, we've represented over 100 national and regional network providers. We’ve also had some interesting non-tech clients, like a private airline, a packaging company, an LGBTQ travel company and a gluten-free bakery.
Q: What are the biggest challenges that your company faces and how is your company overcoming these challenges?
Top challenges are…
  • Managing growth (yay!) and ensuring we always stay innovative and results-driven for highly technical clients.
  • Controlling expectations on what marketing can do to support sales (we don’t have the magic bullet!)
  • Finding great talent with deep telecom and IT expertise.

Q: What are your competitive advantages; what sets you apart from other companies?
We know telecom. As a marketing agency, that’s a rarity.
We strive to practice what we call the GIVE method of marketing and to encourage our clients to do the same. Instead of trying to sell someone a product or solution, we believe in listening to find out what the real challenges are and knowing our products and solutions, as well as those of our customers. That way, if ours isn’t the right fit, we can direct that person to the product/solution that is best for them. We’ll always take the direction our clients give us, but strongly believe GIVE is a win for everyone involved.

We are living proof this method works: 80% of our company growth comes about because of recommendations from current and past clients. That’s right – we get referrals and introductions from past clients (for whom maybe we weren’t the best solution) and grow our business using this method.
Our growth is fueled 80% by word-of-mouth, so we don’t actively seek out a majority of the business we do. By giving our clients the best products, solutions and customer service we build their business success as well as our own.
Q: How is the evolving communications marketplace impacting your business model?
Communications will always be evolving and changing – that’s a constant! For us, that means we continually help our customers understand how to market and sell to a variety of audiences effectively, including how to strengthen their branding, adjust their messaging/positioning, marketing channels, sales approaches, etc. All while explaining why using the latest “it” marketing words and phrases may not be the best for that client.
Q: Have you recently acquired new customers? Entered new markets? Added new services/products? 
We are always adding customers, but a few big areas of growth for us are residential broadband marketing and channel marketing support.
Q: Describe your relationship with INCOMPAS. How long have you been a member? Why did you decide to join the association? What are you looking to gain from your INCOMPAS membership ?
We became a member of INCOMPAS in November 2022. We’re hoping to stay current on trends impacting the industry, gain new business through networking and learn things that will help us better serve our clients.
Q: How have you benefited from INCOMPAS membership (e.g. finding strategic partners, growing sales, networking, etc.)? Please provide as many details as possible.
As new members, this is a “yet to know” question!