Promoting Broadband Deployment and Competition

INCOMPAS members are deploying fiber, fixed wireless, mobile, and satellite networks that are delivering more choice to customers and speeding broadband deployment is essential. INCOMPAS supports competition and believes real choice for fast networks will enable greater economic growth for our cities and towns and will help secure our nation’s economic future. And to compete globally, the U.S. must deploy gigabit-capable networks that can support fast service at home and on-the-go for mobile 5G (and beyond) service.

INCOMPAS is working to educate federal, state, and local policymakers about the need to deploy broadband infrastructure quickly and affordably. We are advocating for policymakers to streamline permitting and to ensure reasonable costs for our member companies to deploy their networks in public rights-of-way, including on poles, pole replacements, railroad crossings, and franchise fees. 

With the influx of federal funding, we have a once-in-a-lifetime, significant investment to deploy broadband infrastructure throughout the nation so every consumer and business has access to broadband. 

Taxpayer funds must be used efficiently and effectively for broadband infrastructure deployment. That is why we strongly support the Broadband Grant Tax Treatment Act to ensure network builders aren’t being taxed on grant money. We also are advocating for the FCC to take action on a pending pole proceeding that, if resolved, will help provide more certainty for new attachers and help speed deployment in a more cost-effective manner for poles that the FCC regulates.