News - July 5, 2022

INCOMPAS Files 2022 Communications Marketplace Report Comments with FCC

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 5, 2022) – INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association, filed comments on Friday with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the 2022 Communications Marketplace Report. 

The INCOMPAS filing, which provides a robust and detailed look at the entire communications marketplace, can be found here. 

INCOMPAS asserts that the fixed broadband marketplace, as well as the business data services marketplace, remain highly concentrated in most geographic areas. INCOMPAS also highlights the fact that customers are using both fixed and mobile connectivity and that the Commission should treat these markets separately in its analysis. 

INCOMPAS has urged the Commission to implement policies that will promote more choice, enabling more opportunities for competition to thrive, and in turn, for consumers to benefit with internet access that delivers faster speeds, better customer service, and affordable prices.

In addition, Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS, released the following statement: 

“For over 40 years, INCOMPAS has been the leading advocate for pro-competition policies that unleash innovation and investment, create jobs, and save consumers money. Our comments for the FCC’s 2022 Communications Marketplace Report provide a roadmap for improving the fixed and mobile broadband marketplace, removing barriers to deployment and expanding the streaming revolution. This is critical for competitive providers who are working to deliver more choice and better, faster networks throughout the U.S. In the coming weeks and months, INCOMPAS will highlight specific policies detailed in our comments to help the FCC improve the speeds, services, and choices available to all American families and small businesses.”