News - June 7, 2022

INCOMPAS: Treasury Broadband Funds Will Bring Faster Fiber Future to Rural America

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 7, 2022) – Today the United States Treasury Department announced the first Capital Projects Fund awards to help increase access to affordable high-speed internet services in four states - Louisiana, New Hampshire, Virginia and West Virginia. 

This spring, INCOMPAS hosted Joseph Wender, Director of the Capital Projects Fund for a conversation on how best to use public funding to unleash a faster broadband future. WATCH HERE

In response to the announcement, Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS and co-chair of the BroadLAND campaign, released the following statement:

“By investing in a faster, better broadband future, the United States Treasury Department is unlocking new opportunities and new markets for families and small business in rural communities.”

“We wish to commend Joseph Wender and the Capital Projects Fund for their laser focus on faster future-proof broadband that gives rural Americans access to affordable internet services that can scale and grow to attract the jobs and industries of tomorrow. It will now be critical for Louisiana, New Hampshire, Virginia, and West Virginia – and all states receiving public money – to ensure that competitive bidding and access policies are instituted to ensure the investment is not squandered by old monopoly practices of the past.”