Press Release Archives 2021

December 7, 2021
INCOMPAS Congratulates FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel on Senate Confirmation
November 22, 2021
INCOMPAS: Monopoly Broadband Dampens Deployment to Apartment, Condo and Business Customers

November 15, 2021
INCOMPAS on President Biden Signing Historic Bipartisan Broadband Infrastructure Act

November 6, 2021
INCOMPAS/BroadLand Statement on Infrastructure Passage: ‘Build Broadband Right, Right Now’
October 26, 2021
INCOMPAS Statements on Biden FCC Nominations of Jessica Rosenworcel and Gigi Sohn

INCOMPAS Statement on NTIA Nomination of Alan Davidson

October 20, 2021
INCOMPAS Files FCC Comments on MTE Proceeding: Give Competition the Keys to the Condo and Send Monopolies Down the Garbage Shoot

October 18, 2021
INCOMPAS Statement on Rep. Mike Doyle Announcement

October 6, 2021
INCOMPAS Announces Agenda for The 2021 INCOMPAS Show
September 23, 2021
INCOMPAS/BroadLand: Treasury Department Speeds Up Investment in Future Proof Networks

September 14, 2021
New Report Recommends Path Forward for Universal Service Fund: Include Broadband to Save It

September 7, 2021
INCOMPAS: FCC Seeks Answers on Apartment/Condo Monopolies, Residents Seek Competition
August 23, 2021
INCOMPAS/BroadLand: Broadband Incentives for Communities Act Speeds Local Deployment

August 10, 2021
INCOMPAS/BroadLand Statement on Senate Passage of Bipartisan Broadband Infrastructure Bill

August 2, 2021
INCOMPAS Releases New BroadLand VIDEO: The Broadband Race
July 26, 2021
INCOMPAS/BroadLand Report on Global Internet Speeds Initiatives: “We Need Faster Networks, Fast”

July 21, 2021
Pickering Statement on David Cohen being Named Ambassador to Canada

July 15, 2021
Six National Organizations Press Congress for Faster Future-Proof Broadband

July 9, 2021
INCOMPAS Statement on Biden Competition Executive Order

July 8, 2021
INCOMPAS/BroadLand (VIDEO): The BRIDGE ACT with Senators King and Bennet

July 7, 2021
INCOMPAS, CCIA Urge FCC to Follow the Record, Technical Analysis Revealing Significant Economic, Public Interest Benefits of Maximizing 12 GHz Spectrum Band for 5G
June 30, 2021
INCOMPAS Praises Governor of Maine for Stopping Tax on Streaming Services and Broadband Providers

June 28, 2021
172 Organizations Call on Congress to Increase Broadband Speeds with Future Proof Fiber

June 15, 2021
INCOMPAS/BroadLand: The Bipartisan BRIDGE ACT Helps Build a Faster Broadband Future

June 3, 2021
INCOMPAS/BroadLand Statement on Vice President Harris Broadband Infrastructure Remarks
May 26, 2021
INCOMPAS Launches New BroadLand Campaign, Taps Mignon Clyburn to Lead “Internet for All” Effort

May 10, 2021
INCOMPAS Expresses Support for Martha Wright-Reed Just and Reasonable Communications Act

May 7, 2021
INCOMPAS, CCIA Urge FCC Act Quickly, Expanding Terrestrial Use of 12 GHz Spectrum Band to Boost Competition, Consumer Choice & 5G Leadership
April 28, 2021
INCOMPAS Statement on President Biden’s Address, Broadband Infrastructure Commitment

April 23, 2021
INCOMPAS Files FCC Reply Comments on Emergency Connectivity Fund

April 5, 2021
INCOMPAS Files Comments on the Emergency Connectivity Fund
March 26, 2021
IMPACT ACT Brings Jobs of the Future, to Help Close Digital Divide

March 11, 2021
INCOMPAS Welcomes “Internet 4 All” Legislation from Whip Clyburn and Senator Klobuchar

March 2, 2021
INCOMPAS Appoints New Members Allied Telecom and Zayo to Board of Directors

March 1, 2021
INCOMPAS Praises FCC Action to Enable Smaller, Competitive Providers to take part in Emergency Broadband Benefit Program
February 18, 2021
Joint Trade Association Letter to White House: Build Broadband for All

February 17, 2021
INCOMPAS Welcomes Bipartisan Broadband Efforts in Congress – Applauds GOP Effort to Streamline and Speed Deployment, Remove Local Roadblocks

February 10, 2021
INCOMPAS Statement on Whip Clyburn's “Internet 4 All” Legislation News

February 8, 2021
INCOMPAS Statement on Telecommunications Act of 1996 25th Anniversary: The Competition Constitution Looks to the Future 

February 5, 2021
INCOMPAS to FCC: Time to Kick Start Net Neutrality Action

February 4, 2021
INCOMPAS Policy Summit to Bring Together Congressional and Industry Leaders for Roundtable on Universal Broadband
January 21, 2021
INCOMPAS Welcomes Jessica Rosenworcel as FCC Acting Chairwoman

January 19, 2021
Charter Withdrawal of Data Caps Petition is a Win for Open Internet

January 14, 2021
INCOMPAS Policy Summit to Feature Congressional and FCC Leaders

January 13, 2021
INCOMPAS: Unanimous FCC Vote for 12 GHz NPRM Opens Competitive Conversation for 5G Future

January 11, 2021
Cloud Communications Alliance Joins INCOMPS as Affiliate Member

INCOMPAS Welcomes Update to Over-the-Air Reception Device Rules for Fixed Wireless Broadband Service
January 5, 2021
INCOMPAS Welcomes FCC 12 GHz Conversation