Communications Data Group

As seen in the August 26, 2019, INCOMPAS eNewsletter.

Communications Data Group (CDG)
Champaign, Illinois

Q: Please tell us about your company. 
CDG was initially established in 1970 as a department within the Bank of Illinois. In 1990, the landline telephone and carrier access billing divisions of BIC were acquired by Hargray Communications Group of South Carolina, and became Communications Data Group, Inc. (CDG). In 2007, Bob LaBonté and Bill Oglesby, the former COO and CFO of the Hargray companies, acquired CDG.

Q: Please tell us about company’s top executives and the work that they are doing in our industry. 
Bob Labonte - Chief Executive Officer / President
CDG’s CEO and President, Bob Labonte, has more than 30 years' experience in sales, marketing and business management in telecommunications and related industries. His extensive experience in telecommunications industry, includes serving as general manager of Data Publishing and vice president and COO of Hargray Communications, as well as serving on multiple the board of several telecommunication’s organizations and associations.

William Oglesby - Chief Financial Officer / Secretary / Treasurer
CDG’s CFO, Secretary, and Treasurer, Bill Oglesby, has more than 35 years' experience in accounting, business and financial management. His experience serving as CFO for a software development company and an RLEC provide him a keen understanding of both sides of the billing equation.

Q: Explain your geographic reach. Where do you provide services? 
CDG provides services primarily in the U.S., Canada and the Pacific Islands region. 

Q: What types of products and/or services do you offer your customers? 
CDG offers scalable, accurate billing and operational support solutions for voice, video and data for retail and wholesale telecommunications carriers and service providers. Options include: BDS, interconnect, CABS, mediation, customer care, plant, trouble, service provisioning, E-Care, task management, and third-party financial, mapping and facilities management products. Service bureau, online and licensed options are available.

Q: What is your target customer base? 
Our 90+ clients represent the largest national carriers, established and emerging CLECs, and traditional ILECs, including companies such as Consolidated Communications, AT&T, NTS, Citizens and Hargray Communications.

Q: What are the biggest challenges that your company faces and how is your company overcoming these challenges?
Telecommunications is a continually evolving marketplace, due to changes in technology, industry regulations, available services and the companies that provide those services. Who provides services, how they are provided, and how they are regulated is constantly changing. In order to meet current changes and anticipate future changes, CDG strives to be informed and involved in the industry through staying in constant contact with our clients and participating in industry events and organizations, such as NTCA, MEF and INCOMPAS.

Q: What sets you apart from other companies? 
CDG provides unparalleled support and develops client-driven solutions. Dedicated support members are assigned to each client and our support and implementation staff have more than 100 years combined experience working in the industry. Clients are also provided multiple channels to participate in the development of our B/OSS solutions.

Q: How is the evolving communications marketplace impacting your business model? 
Changes in the communications marketplace and industry have driven recent evolutions in our products and services, as well as the kinds of companies that we work with. Our BDS-I product for example, was originally developed for the CABS environment. However, due to industry regulatory changes to CABS, we have evolved our BDS-I product to focus more on billing and ordering for circuits, special access, and other BDS and transport services. 

Q: Have you recently acquired new customers? Entered new markets? Added new services/products? 
CDG has acquired several new clients in 2019 for our BDS-I, MBS, and Mediation services, including large national carriers and smaller independent ILECs. We are constantly adding new capabilities and enhancing our B/OSS products. 

Q: Describe your relationship with INCOMPAS. How long have you been a member? Why did you decide to join the association? 
CDG has been a periodic member of INCOMPAS for the last decade. From our INCOMPAS membership, we are hoping to increase our exposure and networking with INCOMPAS service provider members with the ultimate goal of gaining opportunities for new business and strengthening relationships with existing clients.

Q: How have you benefited from INCOMPAS membership?  
Our INCOMPAS membership has provided us networking opportunities and situations to forge new relationships with prospective clients.