Factory Built Networks: Strategies to Deploy Optical Networks 50% Faster

March 30, 2016

LightRiver's Factory built Network Model has been utilized to deliver more reliable networks in less time, with less desruption, and lower cost. Dean Campbell, LightRiver's CTO will discuss this innovative methodology and how it can help Service, Content, and Cloud Providers deploy optical transport networks better and faster. This webinar is intended for Service, Content, and Cloud Providers looking to expand or newly implement optical transport networks. Attendees will learn best practices in deploying transport networks, initial failure rates of optical networking hardware, and baseline requirements for testing newly installed networks. 


About Dean Campbell, Chief Technology Officer, LightRiver Technologies

As Chief Technology Officer, Dean is responsible for the development of LightRiver's product and technology solutions portfolio. Dean has 25 years of IT operations management, software applications development, and large-scale data-networking experience to LightRiver. Dean has been with LightRiver for 12 years now. Previously, Dean served as VP of Technology Services for US Fleet Services among several other successful startups. 


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