Headquarters Location: New York City

Q: Please tell us about your company history. When was it founded? How has the company evolved since its founding? Have your services changed? Are there key milestones in your company’s history and growth that you can highlight?
In January of 1999, Genesis10 CEO Harley Lippman founded Genesis10. He invited 12 key employees and colleagues from his previous company to join him in a new venture, at pay cuts of 50 to 80 percent and with only a few clients. Still, ten of those employees accepted his offer, and the company was named Genesis10 to honor those founding members, eight of whom are still employees 16 years later.  
Staffing is our core business that has forged our reputation for finding the right people for our clients’ projects and fueled our growth year over year. Our proven performance in staffing, coupled with the collaborative relationships with clients, has enabled us to extend our portfolio of services to include Domestic Outsourcing as well as Workforce Optimization (college and U.S. military veteran training and mentoring programs) and Managed Services (helpdesk and application management).
Q: Explain your geographic reach. Where do you provide services?
Headquartered in New York, Genesis10 has 20 North American locations.  Our account team structure is tailored to meet each customer’s geographical, industry and business requirements and support a collaborative and beneficial customer experience.  

Q: What types of services do you offer your customers?
Staffing (contract, contract to hire and direct hire employees), Managed Services, Domestic Outsourcing and Workforce Optimization including recent college graduate and U.S. military veteran hiring programs.

Q: What is your target customer base? Please include names of prominent customers and case study details.
Genesis10 serves over 170 clients including blue chip Fortune 100 enterprises and privately-held high growth companies in sectors such as telecommunications, technology, financial services, healthcare, energy, transportation, and consumer goods. 

Q: How is technology/new products and services impacting your business model?
Genesis10 has committed to intentional growth of domestic talent initiatives.  As a company, our commitment has been to focus on U.S. talent strategies and solutions.  As a result, we have developed and matured talent acquisition programs including our domestic outsourcing solution, and college graduate and veteran hire programs.
Each of these programs provides a cost-effective talent management option that creates sustainable, predictable talent capability with high performing business and technology professionals across the U.S.  In addition, we will continue to grow our offerings around veterans and college hire programs by developing stronger networks across veteran talent networks and academic partner programs.  

Q: Have you recently acquired new customers? Entered new markets? Added new services/products?
In support of new client relationships, we have expanded our presence on the West Coast in the past year opening our San Diego and Mountainview locations.

Q: Describe your relationship with INCOMPAS. How long have you been a member. Why did you decide to join the association? What are you looking to gain from your INCOMPAS membership (policy advocacy, new business, networking, education, etc)? 
We have been an INCOMPAS member for the last 4 years, forming valuable relationships with other INCOMPAS members that have led to new business opportunities and networking. We also utilize the shows as a chance to see our clients and learn about advancements and challenges facing the industry. Through INCOMPAS, we are looking to gain new business and build lasting partnerships.