Filings & Statements 2011

12/19/11 COMPTEL Comments on End of AT&T’s Bid to Acquire T-Mobile (pdf)
12/16/11 COMPTEL Supports tw telecom Petition to Reverse Grant of Forbearance by Operation of Law (pdf)
12/12/11 COMPTEL Comments Stress Importance of IP-to-IP Interconnection for Implementation of Next Generation 911 Framework (pdf)
11/30/11 COMPTEL Commends FCC for Releasing Report Condemning AT&T’s Acquisition of T-Mobile (pdf)
11/29/11 COMPTEL Responds to Vonage ex parte on Access to Numbering Resources (pdf)
11/18/11 COMPTEL Comments on Inquiry into Disbursement Process for USF Low Income Program (pdf)
10/27/11 COMPTEL Comments on FCC’s Action to Reform Intercarrier Compensation and Universal Service (pdf)
10/21/11 COMPTEL ex parte in Intercarrier Compensation and Universal Service Reform Proceeding (pdf)
09/19/11 COMPTEL Comments on Letter to President Obama from Members of House Seeking Support of AT&T/T-Mobile Merger (pdf)
09/16/11 COMPTEL Commends Seven States for Joining DoJ Lawsuit to Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger  (pdf)
09/02/11 COMPTEL Files Reply Comments on Lifeline/Link Up (pdf)
08/31/11 COMPTEL Applauds Department of Justice Action to Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger (pdf)
08/30/11 COMPTEL Files Reply Comments in tw telecom Petition on IP-to-IP Interconnection (pdf)
08/26/11 COMPTEL Files Further Comment on Lifeline/Link-Up (pdf)

COMPTEL Introduces Competitive Amendment to ILECs’ ABC Plan on Intercarrier Compensation Reform (pdf)

COMPTEL Proposes Competitive Amendment in FCC Further Inquiry on USF and ICC (pdf)

COMPTEL Competitive Amendment (pdf)

08/22/11 COMPTEL, NCTA and tw telecom Respond to Opposition Regarding Pole Attachments (pdf)
08/22/11 COMPTEL Files in Support of NCTA Petition on Transactions between CLECs, Cablecos (pdf)
08/15/11 COMPTEL Supports tw telecom Petition for Declaratory Ruling on IP-to-IP Interconnection (pdf)
08/08/11 COMPTEL Supports Pac-West on Issue of Access Charges for VoIP-Initiated Toll-Free Traffic (pdf)
08/04/11 COMPTEL Comments on Letter from Rep. Chabot Urging Careful Review of AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Impact (pdf)
07/29/11 COMPTEL Comments on ILEC Proposal to Reform Intercarrier Compensation and Universal Service Funding (pdf)
07/27/11 COMPTEL ex parte on Intercarrier Compensation in USF Reform  (pdf)
07/20/11 COMPTEL Commends Sen. Kohl for Call to Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger (pdf)
07/15/11 COMPTEL and Others file Petition for Writ of Mandamus Seeking FCC Action on Special Access (pdf)
07/07/11 COMPTEL Statement on the Departure of Christine Varney, Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division (pdf)
06/22/11 COMPTEL Commends House Leaders for Work on FCC Process Reform (pdf)
06/20/11 COMPTEL Asks FCC to Deny Vonage Waiver for Numbering Resources (pdf)
06/20/11 COMPTEL Warns FCC to be Cautious of AT&T’s Claims in Merger Review (pdf)
06/20/11 COMPTEL Files Reply Comments in AT&T/T-Mobile Merger (pdf)
06/09/11 COMPTEL Applauds Supreme Court Decision Affirming Cost-Based Pricing of Entrance Facilities for Interconnection (pdf)
Supreme Court Decision in Talk America Inc. v. Michigan Bell Telephone Company dba AT&T Michigan (pdf)
06/08/11 COMPTEL, NCTA and tw telecom Seek Improvements to Pole Attachment Rules (pdf)
05/31/11 COMPTEL Files Comments Urging FCC to  Deny AT&T's Acquisition of T-Mobile  (pdf)
05/25/11 COMPTEL Commends Reps. Conyers and Markey for Opposing AT&T’s Takeover of T-Mobile (pdf)
05/10/11 COMPTEL Files Lifeline Reply Comments (pdf)
04/21/11 COMPTEL Comments on AT&T, T-Mobile Filing at FCC for Merger Approval (pdf)
04/21/11 COMPTEL Comments on Lifeline and Link Up Reform Modernization (pdf)
04/18/11 COMPTEL Files Comments with FCC on Universal Service Funding and Intercarrier Compensation Reform (pdf)
04/07/11 COMPTEL Applauds FCC Order Reducing Pole Attachment Fees (pdf)
04/05/11 COMPTEL Warns of Dangerous Market Dominance that will Result from AT&T Merger with T-Mobile (pdf)
04/01/11 COMPTEL Comments on Intercarrier Compensation Framework for Interconnected VoIP (pdf)
03/01/11 Supreme Court Decision in FCC v. AT&T  (pdf)
02/15/11 Pickering: Move Toward ‘Reagan Doctrine of Telecom’ (pdf)
02/09/11 COMPTEL Seeks FCC Conditions on CenturyLink/Qwest Merger (pdf)
02/03/11 COMPTEL urges the Supreme Court to reverse 6th Circuit decision holding that CLECs are not entitled to purchase entrance facilities used for interconnection at TELRIC rates (pdf)
01/31/11 COMPTEL files Intervenor’s brief with the 10th Circuit in support of FCC’s decision denying Qwest forbearance in the Phoenix MSA (pdf)