Advocates for Competition

Since its inception in 1981, INCOMPAS has been a fierce advocate for a competitive communications marketplace, asserting that consumers will be better off and more investment and innovation will result with pro-competitive policies in the U.S.  Over the last three decades, lawmakers and policymakers – on a bipartisan basis – have embraced policies to promote competition in the communications marketplace.  As new technologies and services emerge, policymakers must remain vigilant that competitive choice continues to thrive and that the communications markets function in a way most beneficial to residential and business consumers.

Our members – competitive communications companies that deliver voice telephony, broadband, mobile and fixed wireless, wholesale, backhaul, video, cloud services and other applications, as well as their suppliers and professional partners – are driving our nation’s economic growth by investing in new networks and technology, offering innovative services to businesses and consumers, and creating good jobs in the United States. 

World-class communications networks and services are best achieved through a vibrant, competitive marketplace.  Both businesses and residential consumers benefit the most when they have the freedom to choose the provider that best meets their needs at the lowest cost. 

Our core advocacy mission is to work with federal and state agencies and Congress, and to participate in judicial proceedings where necessary, to ensure that pro-competitive policies and laws preserve wholesale obligations, so that retail wireline and wireless competition can thrive.  A healthy wholesale market promotes healthy retail competition, which is needed to ensure that consumers can access their provider of choice, that all providers can interconnect and that consumers can communicate seamlessly no matter which provider they choose.

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