News - March 13, 2020

INCOMPAS: Competitive Broadband Builders Join FCC in Pledge to "Keep Americans Connected"
Small, local internet and communications service providers are leaders for schools, hospitals and small businesses who are on the front lines of the coronavirus challenge
WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 13, 2020) – Today, INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association, which represents small ISPs and local fiber builders and competitive communications service providers, signed onto the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) pledge to help “Keep Americans Connected” during the coronavirus challenge.
In addition, Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS, released the following statement.
“Rising to the challenge and meeting the moment. That is the message our small, competitive local broadband and communications service providers are sending today by joining the FCC pledge to 'Keep Americans Connected' during the coronavirus challenge. Without question, broadband is a critical, lifesaving service for our customers. Local providers serve schools, hospitals, health clinics, small businesses and families that depend on fast reliable internet access and communications services now more than ever.”
“INCOMPAS members are working around the clock to ensure America’s internet infrastructure is fully operating and that their employees and customers stay healthy and safe.  We are seeing higher network demands as schools and businesses shift to educating and working remotely.
“We would like to thank and praise Chairman Ajit Pai for his leadership, and INCOMPAS is proud to commit to the 'Keep Americans Connected Pledge.' It helps ensure residential and small business customers don’t get cut off or charged late fees due to circumstances arising from coronavirus and related economic disruption. Our members with WiFi hot spots are also committed to making them open and available for public use.
“The competitive broadband and communications industry is a leader in delivering next-generation services that connect communities to faster speeds and affordable prices. Local competitive networks help ensure redundancy in case of emergency, and our members are taking every step to help ensure no American loses connectivity during the coronavirus pandemic.”
Here is a list of our members who are participating in that pledge.  We will update this list as additional members sign on:
Allstream Business US, LLC.
Conterra Ultra Broadband, LLC
Digital West
Education Networks of America, Inc.
Fusion Connect Inc.
Granite Telecommunications, LLC
Google Fiber
IdeaTek Telcom
Mammoth Networks/Visionary Broadband
Socket Telecom
Starry Inc.
TelNet Worldwide
Unite Private Networks
Uniti Fiber
West Telecom Services, LLC
ZenFi Networks

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