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Turn Your Unused Calls into Revenue                                                                                                              

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 
12:00-1:00pm CT

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As featured in Channel vision’s recent article “Monetizing Misdials” Over 5 billion MIDI Calls ™ are made each month, costing carriers millions of dollars. Reconnect Research’s new platform connects these calls to political polls & research surveys, turning your unused calls into profits.

About Scott Richards, Chairman, DIAL800 / CEO, Reconnect Research

For 18 years, Scott Richards was CEO of Dial800, a leading provider of memorable 800 numbers along with call routing and call tracking to optimize TV and radio advertising. Drawing from the science of Memory Chunking, Richards wrote an algorithm that recommends memorable digit patterns that significantly increase caller response. Today this algorithm is the accepted standard. 

Richards is currently the CEO of Reconnect Research, a subsidiary of Dial800. Reconnect Research connects people already on the phone with political polls and surveys. Richards' A-HA moment came when he realized that phone carriers and researchers have the same problem that can be fixed if they work together. If carriers don't complete calls, they don't make money. If researchers dont' complete surveys, they don't make money. And response to phone surveys are at an historic low. 

Reconnect Research, through our carrier network, connects people already on the phone to political polls and research surveys by inserting a short message inviting the caller to participate in a survey rather than just hanging up the phone. Case studies have shown that we can deliver high quality, honest responses more effectively than trying to call people. 

What three takeaways should attendees get from this webinar?
1. U.S. and Canadian telephone carriers route to excess of 150 billion calls a month, 5 to 10 billion of which are MIDITM calls. Inbound Calling Survey uses MIDI calls to conduct political polls and research surveys. 

MIDITM is an acronym for a misdialied. incomplete, or disconnected call. 

  • Misdialed
  • incomplete
  • Disconnected
  • Inbound
Reconnect Research has developed a technology that connects MIDITM calls to market research surveys. MIDITM calls are a Triple Win: until now no one benefited from MIDI calls. The caller didn't connect to their intended party and the carrier didn't profit from the telephone traffic. 
  • Consumers - A positive alternative to Robocalls, consumers can share their opinion and get a reward
  • Carriers - Profit rather than lose from MIDI telephone traffic
  • Researchers - Get quality data at a lower cost with faster data collection and analysis
In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. Who benefits from inbound telephone MIDI calls
  2. Steps to begin monetizing your misdials
  3. One carrier's Case Study results

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