UNITEL Insurance

INCOMPAS is partnering with UNITEL Insurance to help member companies enhance their employee benefits packages while potentially saving money. Through this program, INCOMPAS members have exclusive access to a number of benefits:
  • Discounted pricing
  • Three-year rate guarantee
  • Flexibility in plan design
  • Underwriting concessions

Among the programs available from UNITEL and Principal Life are: 

Life and AD&D

  • Guarantee issue amounts
  • Voluntary Life options available
  • Portability provisions

Short-Term Disability

  • Flexible elimination periods
  • Employee assistance program
  • Partial disability benefit with 20% loss of income
  • Survivor benefits
  • Rehab incentive programs
  • 24-hour coverage available
  • 17 movable provisions

Long-Term Disability

  • Flexible elimination periods
  • 401(k) retirement plan supplement
  • COBRA premium supplement
  • Spouse rehabilitation benefit
  • Dependent education benefit
  • COLA benefits
  • Activities of Daily Living provisions

Critical Illness

  • Guarantee Issue Coverage – No Individual Health Questions
  • $50 Annual Wellness Benefit Included
  • Portability included
  • Multiple Payouts – two per lifetime
  • Guarantee Issue Coverage for Spouse and Child as well

UNITEL is the largest communications agency in the U.S. and has been directly active in the communications business sector for over 10 years.  UNITEL’s team has more than 100 years of combined experience in technology and communications insurance and risk management.  Although traditional insurance markets are most commonly used, UNITEL is able to provide a number of risk management techniques to any insurance problem in order to achieve adequate coverage at an affordable price.

Currently UNITEL writes an ancillary benefits insurance program dedicated to communication companies looking to provide employee benefit options at a very competitive price.  UNITEL also has other insurance products including, Technology Errors and Omissions, Property and Casualty, and Bonds.  Included Business types are traditional telephone companies or incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), broadband companies and Internet service providers (ISP) as well as some of the newer entrants into the communications industry, such as middle mile providers.

This material provides general information about products and services offered by Principal Life Insurance Company.  This is not a complete statement of benefits, exclusions and limitations of the insurance described here.

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