NetSapiens, Inc

NetSapiens, Inc
HQ:  920 Kline Street Suite 400, La Jolla, CA 92037

Q: What does your company do and how long has it been in operation? 
NetSapiens has been providing software solutions for competitive service providers for more than 11 years. We give our clients the ability to deliver VoIP and multimedia unified communication services to their end users. 

Q: To what do you attribute your company’s success in the communications industry? 
A: Our success comes from a combination of experience and understanding. We have an expert team with a long-standing history in converged communication product development and VoIP technology. This expertise has equipped NetSapiens with a deep technical understanding of the market’s constant evolution. We also attribute our success to our strong understanding and connection to our client base. Our clients’ needs and the needs of their customers have directly driven our priorities in product innovation and evolution.  
Q: What have been the biggest obstacles your company has faced in the marketplace? 
A: NetSapiens faced a significantly eroding economy while trying to gain traction in the marketplace.  It was a challenge to start and grow in the telecom sector during a time when the industry was out of favor from a long-term growth funding standpoint.  We were competing with other companies that were already venture-backed and/or had significant financial footing.  However, we were fortunate to succeed while staying lean and privately owned as some of these other companies succumbed to intense institutional pressure and had to liquidate or merge with larger organizations in order to appease the investment community.  
Q: What do you see as your greatest challenges going forward? 
A: NetSapiens has seen tremendous recent growth. We have more available features, services, and clients than ever before, which also means that our team is expanding as well.  This has brought upon us the challenge of growing our company while maintaining the core values and expertise that got us here. Staying connected to customers while expanding as a business proves to be a challenge that faces all companies in our space, but we will be hitting the challenge head on.  We must stay focused on our goals and continue to be a knowledgeable, experienced and personable resource within the industry.
Q: What have been some of your company’s most recent achievements (new customer wins, new service/product deployment, etc.)? 
A: NetSapiens has been a long time supplier of Class 5 applications and unified communication services to next-gen service providers, but we have seen recent growth in new markets. Most recently, we have started to serve new clients in the IOC market. 
We also recently have been able to act as a drop-in replacement for clients facing end-of-life products. As an example, Nexogy has recently migrated to our platform from the Broadsoft M6.
Q: Why is it important for your company to be a COMPTEL member? 
A: NetSapiens has grown to a point where we can participate in the COMPTEL community to mutually benefit the industry and our business.