CSF Corporation

As seen in the May 20, 2013 COMPTEL Connection

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Headquarters Location: Somerset, NJ

Q: What does your company do and how long has it been in operation?
A: CSF is the leader in toll-free number management, provisioning and Least Cost Routing (LCR) software. With more than 90 RespOrg and carrier customers, our flagship software product 8MS manages more than 30 percent of all toll-free numbers, and makes more than 70 percent of all SMS/800 changes in the industry. We help our customers save time and money by simplifying and automating their toll-free provisioning, and reducing their carrier costs through optimized LCR.

Q: To what do you attribute your company’s success in the communications industry? 
A: Unparalleled knowledge of the toll-free industry; value-added 8MS software platform that makes toll-free provisioning, routing and LCR easy and cost effective; and outstanding customer support.

Q: What have been the biggest obstacles your company has faced in the marketplace?
A: Getting the word out there that we exist, and that our 8MS platform and capabilities are scalable and cost effective for all toll-free RespOrgs and carriers.
Q: What do you see as your greatest challenges going forward?
A: Expanding our capabilities beyond the existing RespOrg market to help others manage toll free and potentially other services as well.

Q: What have been some of your company’s most recent achievements?
CSF continues to win new RespOrg customers on 8MS, and now has more than 90 carriers and RespOrgs that use our platform for all their toll-free provisioning and LCR needs.  In addition, we have introduced a new direct to carrier solution called 8MS Carrier Express that can be used by both RespOrgs and non-RespOrgs to activate toll-free services on their carrier’s network. 

Q: Why is it important for your company to be a COMPTEL member? 
A: COMPTEL is great because our RespOrg and carrier customers are COMPTEL members.  Twice a year we exhibit at COMPTEL PLUS, and get to meet face-to-face with our customer partners to exchange ideas, and help each other succeed.  COMPTEL PLUS is the place to go for doing business!