Greg Palser

President and Co-Founder

Wave Business

Greg is the President and co-founder of CoastCom, Inc., which is based in Newport, Oregon. He has been in business for himself for the last 35 years and for the last 16 years he has served as CoastCom’s President. He served 2 years as President of the Northwest Telecommunications Association and is currently serving as Vice President. This association is made up of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers in the Pacific Northwest with a regional mission similar to INCOMPAS' on the national level. 

CoastCom is a facilities based competitive telecommunications carrier that provides fiber based voice and data services to customers on the Oregon Coast. CoastCom also manages a submarine cable landing station in Pacific City Oregon and has terrestrial fiber routes from the beach to Hillsboro, which is near the Portland Oregon metro area. Two new off shore cables, one from northern Asia and another from New Zealand/Australia, are scheduled to be installed in the next 2 years. CoastCom also has a fiber optic construction division building hundreds of miles of new fiber optic cable routes annually.  

It’s an honor to be nominated and if elected, I promise to be diligent in my duties as your representative on the INCOMPAS board. It’s exciting to be involved with a top notch organization like INCOMPAS that is so influential in forming policies that affect all our futures.