Grey Humphrey

Executive Vice President of Sales 
Spirit Communications

Grey Humphrey, Executive Vice President of Sales, Spirit Communications; President, PalmettoNet.  I have been in the CLEC industry since divestiture in 1984 and served on the INCOMPAS Board from 2009 through 2012.  INCOMPAS is an important voice for CLECs, especially for the small and medium sized companies.  Spirit Communications is building fiber assets throughout South and North Carolina, but last mile access is still an issue.  Access to incumbent last mile facilities, especially copper, is critical to the success of CLECs.  Recent rulings by the FCC regarding regulation of Internet Services under Title II of the Communications Act may have a profound impact on the Communications landscape for years to come.  It is for these reasons and more that I would be honored to serve as a medium company representative on the INCOMPAS Board to help ensure these issues remain at the forefront of our industry.